Friday, 26 December 2008

WJC 2009 - Day 1

Hope you're all having a great holiday! Now, get ready for a serious hockey-overload (if such a thing is possible...). The WJC STARTS TODAY (in W2TBL-land and in Ottawa!)


LATVIA vs. RUSSIA - 2:30 pm EST

GERMANY vs. the USA - 3:30 pm EST *will be televised on TSN*

FINLAND vs. SWEDEN - 6:30 pm EST

CANADA vs. the CZECH REPUBLIC - 7:30 pm EST *will be televised on TSN*

Okay, and GOOD news. It seems that TSN is going to have all the games on video on demand (VOD-YES!!!!!!) I'm not sure if this is accessible in the US; could one of you lovely Americans let me know? Click here. That's all, well, not quite:


The real Team Canada and Team USA have the day off, as do Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Finland... TSN will, however, be replaying the 2008 Under-18 gold medal game at 12:30 a.m. [Pacific time] on December 28th, in case any fellow insomniacs want to watch Canada annihilate Russia... I'm not kidding when I say annihilate...

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