Friday, 2 January 2009

*Call me a traitor, but...*

Holy crap.
I'm actually choked. I was cheering for the USA.


I was cheering for Team USA. And I was absolutely crushed by this loss. I don't know why, I guess it's just more fun to beat the USA in the medal round, and after the New Years Eve game, I was secretly praying for the USA to upset Sweden and meet Canada in the gold medal game.

First Star: The Slovak goalie, Jaroslav Janus. JJ is a friggen WALL. Wow. The Erie Otters are lucky LUCKY bastards.

Second Star: James van Riemsdyk's clutch goal late in the third. I know they didn't win the game, but that goal set fire to the American team. Too bad it was a bit too late to make a 3 goal comeback, but still, a wicked goal.

Third Star: I don't know. The Slovak coach?

Wow. Biggest upset in WJC in QUITE some time!

Oh, and Boychuk should be back (from his ankle injury in the Canada-USA game) in time for the semi-final tomorrow! Woot! GO CANADA!!!

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