Saturday, 3 January 2009

*A Cinderella Story*

I had to call it that.

James Duthie keeps calling Slovakia 'Cinderella'... I think it's a dumb analogy (if Slovakia's Cinderella, that makes Canada the evil stepmother and Sweden and Russia the evil stepsisters, doesn't it?) but even I can admit that Slovakia's two upset wins make a good underdog story. You almost have to cheer for them - a little part of you at least. It's like cheering for the 1980 USA Olympic team. How can you not be rooting for them a little?

I will probably regret saying this on Monday, but I hope Slovakia makes the gold medal game. And I may not be completely pissed if they win gold, because if they beat Canada, they'll TOTALLY deserve it, and if they beat Russia, well, they'll have beaten Russia and anyone who kicks Russia's ass in hockey has my support.


End of the 1st - Slovakia's up 1-0. Everyone in the bar thinks I'm nuts for cheering for Slovakia when I'm wearing a Canada jersey. I'm giddy.

End of the 2nd - Slovakia's up 2-1. Only because of a lucky no-goal. Sweden's pissed. They're going to come out with guns-a-blazing in the third. They do this. It's a Swedish thing. They do late game comebacks. They did it to Canada last year in the prelim, Sweden was down 3-1 at the end of the 2nd, then won 4-3. That was only the most recent example. Watch. Just watch. Oh god, I hope Slovakia can keep it together. It's down to Janus. Seriously. DOOO IT JJ!


End of the 3rd - Sweden win. 5-2. Ugh. Called it. Nuff said.

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