Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dubya-Tee-Eff Mate?

I've been staring at this photo all day just thinking 'Dubya Tee Eff, Mate?'

We've got Brandon Sutter (CAN-12), James Van Riemsdyk (USA-12) and Stefan Legein (7). That I can process. And it lookes like Sutter's trying to get JVR off Legein's back. Also makes sense.

Where is stops making sense is when you try to figure out how it is that Sutter looks like he's just jumped down off a building onto JVR. Those feet and very much not on the ice.

I've been considering this from an artistic perspective, trying to appreciate how the shadows fill in the incomplete information we are given - except that Sutter doesn't seem to have a shadow, it just mushes into JVR's.

I've also been considering this from a physics perspective, wondering what kind of gravitational law Sutter's breaking.

No matter how you look at it though, cool picture.

Also, in my last post I was (ERRONEOUSLY) lamenting Stefan Legein's retirement from pro-hockey last August. Clare set me right (clearly I haven't been paying attention the AHL) though: Legein was assigned to the Syracuse Crunch earlier this month and made his debut with the team (well, this season's debut) on January 16th. My heart has been singing the most giddy little tune all day. I'm pretty sure I'll wake up still singing.

There is NO rational reason why this should make me as glad as it does. I don't know him personally, I have nothing to gain by his having a pro-hockey career, and I have no way of going to watch him play on a regular basis until he makes the jump to Ohio and comes to visit Vancouver.

At which point I WILL probably shell out the 350 bucks necessary to get a couple Canucks tickets. I'd like to take this opportunity to express my envy for any of you who live in places that have those sweet two-tickets-plus-beer-plus-casnio or whatever deals... I envy you. I envy that every one of your team's games isn't sold out by the beginning of the pre-season. I'm not joking about the sell-out factor or the cost: nosebleed tickets against teams no one here cares about STILL cost at least 90$ a pop. So I go to Giants games, which cost me 19.50 for the best tickets in the house.

Back to the point which is Stefan Legein is playing hockey again, and this makes me inordinately happy. Just cause. I may have to go visit family in upstate just to have an excuse to see him play a few times before it costs me a couple hundred bucks (ironically, the plane ticket to New York will probably cost the same about as three Canucks tickets...)

And for nor apparent reason, mostly just because I haven't seen it in forever...



Susan said...

I am glad Stefan is back playing hockey, too. I am sad when someone with talent and a love for the game (or a love for whatever) is not able to do what they love. So, I rejoice when someone gets to fulfill their passion, whatever that may be. Also, we need more happy, kinda goofy guys around :) They make me smile!

Lauren said...

Hahaha I love that video - I hadn't seen it in a while, so thanks.

"wtf mate?" has become a part of my regular vocabulary - most people know what it's from (or don't care, but I love it when peopel question my use of the word "mate."

mer said...

I kind of love that my country's sole representation is that of a concussed hockey player.