Thursday, 29 January 2009

le sigh...

another hockey post...

TSN's Top Ten Players to watch this Trade Deadline ?

Number One? The subject of last year's most shocking trade-deadline trade: the one and only Colby Armstrong.

Who didn't see this one coming a mile away? Pittsburgh can't find a winger who clicks with Sid the way Army did. Colby Armstrong may not be the best player in the world, but he's one of the best line-mates for Sid. So... BRING ARMY BACK TO THE BURGH ALREADY!!! (Got it Shero?)

**late edit** I think Army's profile photo on Wikipedia is somehow cosmically telling us something...

Number Two? Chris Neil. UFA come July 1st, needs a raise. Ottawa probably can't afford to keep him. Which sucks, but 1/3 of our cap space pays for one line... (not the greatest plan, it turns out). And we need at least another scoring line. So I'll take a whole young line for the price of Neil.

And the one no one is surprised by...

(TSN won't let me embed it)


Lauren said...

Mer, don't tease me. I don't even know what I would do with myself if Colbs came home to Pittsburgh. Empty Netters recently made a post about what's missing from the Penguins this year - I definitely think the likes of Colby Armstrong could liven things up again. Plus, I really really <3 him.

For whatever reason, blogger is being schizo and wouldn't let me hyperlink the Empty Netters post to this comment, so here's the link:

KD said...

I'm with Lauren. Don't tease me about Colby. I've already warned the people in my office about what will happen when Ray brings him back. They've been put on alert. I will run out of my office, screaming like an idiot and crying tears of joy. To where, I don't know yet. I'll be so elated, it won't matter.

mer said...

I had a deal with myself last season: if the Pens made playoffs, I'd get an Army jersey. Then he got traded.

I actually CRIED.

I was so upset my friends thought someone had died or something.

If Army gets traded back, I can't even begin to imagine the homecoming party the city will throw him... but I'll want to be there.

When I was doing research for my book -it involved watching A LOT of you-tube videos- I stumbled across the doc someone did about the W-B Baby Pens and I just about died laughing. I love him. Army's that guy who reached out of your television, grabs you by the collar and goes, "ME! PICK ME! I'M YOUR FAVOURITE!!!" and you do, because you really can't say no to that :P

Same goes with Stefan Legein. And Steve Mason. And Brad Marchand. And Dany Heatley (only in a more "so I'm not cute, but can *he* score 50 goals a season and break Yzerman's international scoring records?" kind of way).

They're just my favourites.

KD said...

I cried too. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I found out he got traded. My mom remembers where she was when JFK was assasinated, I remember where I was when my Colby got traded.