Friday, 30 January 2009

voted most likely to do something incredibly rash...

I wasn't.
But I probably should have been.

I hope that when I die, someone tries to summarize my life like a MasterCard commercial...

Flights, trains and roadtrips to every country on earth: 2,450,347.56$
Cameras, film and photo developing: 20,994.21$

Making the Matthew Good Band laugh hysterically after sneaking backstage at a show at age 15,
Negotiating my way into the US with a visa-less Mexican diplomat whose passport had
been stolen in UNDER AN HOUR,
Nearly drowning in the North Sea on my 21st birthday,
Meeting John Tavares *before* he got drafted,
Seeing Tom Petty from 10 feet away,
Watching sunrise over the Rockies along the Athabaska river,
And a million things that haven't happened yet,
And never regretting it for a second:

I'm flying to NYC on February 25th.
I'll probably be in Philly on March 5th/6th.
I think I'll be in DC from March 6th/7th to the 10th.

I'm telling myself this is a research mission. And it is. It's also an excuse to get out of Vancouver for a couple weeks so I don't lose my mind. And I want to go see Stefan Legein play. And I miss my family (yeah, I'm a sap).

I've never been to an NHL game, and I've always said my first would be a Sens game... but I may need to get tickets for the Pens-Caps game on March 8th: springing 100-200$ to see Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Sykora, Karl Alzner, and MAYBE (*pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease*) Colby Armstrong may actually trump seeing the Sens. Sorry Heatley.

I know some of you live in the area. If you want to go to the game, let me know: I'd LOVE to make a day of it (since it's a matinee game). Seriously. It would be kind on insane, but kind of wicked to attend my first NHL game with people who love the game as much as I do.

Now, all I've got to do is go renew my passport :P Yeah, I just realized it expires in March. (Better to realize it now than when they won't let me through security in four weeks...)


Susan said...

Oh, I am so jealous of your trip! I wish you wonders and fun and incredible memories. Please, tell us all about it, when you get home. Are you counting the days, yet?

mer said...

26 days...

Clare said...

Have fun on all of your travels! You are going to some pretty awesome places, Verizon Center would be a fun place to go to your first game at.

However in case you decide to go really crazy and come to Buffalo in 12 days to see Ottawa for your first game (its only 2 hours from Syracuse and Stefan Legein) let me know. You could hit Buffalo, Syracuse and Burnt Hills.

Lauren said...

I'm trying desperately not to get ahead of myself with all these trade rumors, but I pity the poor souls who are around me if/when I find out Colby is coming home. They will most certainly be subjected to my crazy, irrational, happy-go-lucky, bouncing off the walls, crying like an overly emotional girl self that day.

And I won't lie, I'm putting some serious thought into a long weekend in DC, starting on oh, say March 6? I have a few friends that live in the area that I'd love to see, and if Mer and the Pens are going to be in town, that sounds like one heck of a good time! I'd have some scheduling things and budgetary things to work out, but I'll keep you posted.

ali said...

Sounds like an incredibly fun time... without a doubt!

If I was going to be on the East Coast, I would, no questions asked, drive to the train station and get on the train for DC and head to the Verizon Center...

BUT -- I don't come home for Spring Break until Friday the 13th of March...

I'm seriously upset about living in KY right now... Reading this makes me miss the East Coast...

mer said...

@ clare - i'll be in upstate new york for 5 or 6 days. I don't know if I can make it all the way to Buffalo, but I'm thinking of going to Syracuse for the weekend and going to the Crunch games on Feb 27th and 28th. Not *quite* as cool as an inter-div NHL game... but Yay! Legein!

@ lauren - let me know if you're joining me in crazy-people-land; the prospect of meeting you is more exciting than the prospect of seeing the Pens.

@ ali - bummer. seriously. :(

lauren said... can come visit me in MI and we'll go to a Red Wings game? =P

I hope you have a wonderful time in DC! I've never been, but it's on the list of places I want to go before I finish undergrad.

Jessclub7 said...

I went to Philly for the first time this year on my Great American Road Trip - San Francisco to Boston in a Volvo. Good times.

I did tons of history nerd stuff and ate at a great tapas place called Amada - you should def go there. It was just down the street from our hostel which was on Bank Street.

mer said...

@ detroit lauren - I'm calling you Deets from now on; it's easier on my simple brain. I actually was referring to Pens Lauren's comment about making a weekend out of DC... that said, if I'm ever in Michigan, I'll let you know :P (although it might be the off season, because I know a guy with -reputedly- the most awesome cottage ever just outside Lakeside)

Clare said...

@ mer- Well if you are ever in Buffalo (or western New York), even if it is not for a Sens game, let me know.

lauren said...

@mer- there are some pretty sweet cottages in MI- something to do with having a gazillion inland lakes. And by a gazillion I actually mean 11,000. Whatev. But I feel like you would probably enjoy MI, especially the UP.

JK said...

Yay for spur of the moment planning!

I didn't realize that the Penguins game in March is going to be a matinee game -- they're an interesting change of pace. I'd love to show anyone who is interested around my adopted city! Just send me an email :)

@mer and Lauren - I would recommend looking into/buying tickets for the Penguins game sooner rather than later. The Caps have had a really exciting boom in ticket sales this year and I know that game is going to end up being sold out at some point.