Thursday, 12 February 2009

The #1 Thing I LOVE ???


man, victory tastes ever so sweet...

(resisting the requisite corny-as-all-hell "crank of up the AC" joke... oh, no wait... shoot...)

Dany, you're forgiven for those two non-existent points last night. Tonight's two goals will do. Next stop: Minnesota... I like this road trip. This whole not-sucking thing is kind of wicked boys. Keep it up!!! I don't even care about Tavares, just WIN WIN WIN!!!!


ali said...

A win against the Flyers is ALWAYS a good thing!!

Congrats Sens nation!!


JK said...

I agree 100% with Ali. I have zero love for the Flyers. Yay Sens!

Lauren said...

I agree with Ali and JK...The Flyers are really the only team I can truly say I completely despise. If Philadelpha decided to leave Pennsylvania and join the state of New Jersey, I would be completely okay with that.