Tuesday, 17 February 2009

1001 places to go before I die

I can't be bothered to actually number these. This list is be no means comprehensive, or in any particular order. It will certainly be added to at random when my fanciful heart decides

Istanbul. Prague. Paris. Amsterdam. Delft. Oxford. Sofia. The Hague. Lucerne. Cairo. Lebanon-especially Beirut. Morocco. Jordan. Pompeii. Crete. Bonn. Nuremberg. Munich. Berlin. Bergen-Belsen. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Treblinka. Poland. Chernobyl. Romania. Vienna. Venice. The Gaza Strip. Tel Aviv. St.Petersburg. Moscow. The Louvre. The Wolf's Den. Nice. Madrid. Normandy. Checkpoint Charlie. Sarajevo. Kibungo. Tehran. Kigali. Siberia (the Trans-Siberian Railroad). Khartoum. Trefriw. ICRC Headquarters. Mount Kilimanjaro. Belgrade. Novokuntsevkoe. Budapest. Somalia. Katanga. DRC. Washington,DC. San Fransisco. Tierra del Fuego. Ellis Island. Copenhagen. Oban. Bolivia. Kelowna. K2. Everest. Dawson City. Iqaluit. Memphis. The Khyber pass. Gros Morne. The Great Glen Way. The Mauritshuis. Nepal. Mumbai. Dehli. Kolkata. The Taj Mahal. Amritsar. Pekhawar. Kashmir. Victoria Falls. Vatican City. Geneva. Berne. Zurich. Nagasaki. Hiroshima. Kyoto. Pashupatinath Temple. Warsaw. The Wailing Wall. The Temple Mount. Jerusalem. Mecca. Graceland. Dubai. Kuwait City. Khandahar. Alexandria, Egypt. Rome. The Parthenon. Ground Zero. Langley. Ethiopia. Patagonia. South Island, New Zealand. Arizona. Utah. Oaxaca. Cote d'Ivoire. Chiapas. Darfur. Malta. The Great Barrier Reef. Bucharest. Portland. Los Angeles. New Orleans. Death Valley. Cape Town. Kimberly. Lake Placid.


Jessclub7 said...

I LOVE travel!

I have been to some of those places: Prague, Paris, Oxford (Cambridge is better in my opinion!), The Hague, Crete, Munich, Berlin, The Louvre, Normandy, Checkpoint Charlie, San Francisco, Ellis Island, Vatican City, Dubai, Rome, Ground Zero, Arizona, Utah, Malta, Great Barrier Reef & Death Valley.

And I am going to Amsterdam and Cape Town this year.

Malta was the first place I ever went to outside of England.

I often forget how spoiled we are to have all these totally different places so close to us in Europe.

Lauren said...

Washington D.C.? We're going there in just a few short weeks!!! :)

mer said...

I still haven't been yet! :P
I'll add it to the "cross off" list after :)

Val said...

Memphis is fabulous and Graceland and good food is what that place is all about...New Orleans - one word - FOOD!

mer said...

val. texas bar-be-que nearly killed me. it was glorious. i can't even imagine how good food in the deep south is...