Monday, 16 February 2009

365 days...

There are 365 days until February, 16th 2010, and y'all know what that means?

ONE YEAR until Olympic Hockey begins in the lovely city I currently call home!!!

Pierre McGuire is getting in the Olympic spirit by playing Nhlstradamus and picking his Team Canada tonight on TSN. You can read more about it here. Personally, I think that's like trying to predict the draft a year ahead of time (anyone remember all the pshh-he's-so-not-going-number-one remarks about Tavares this time last year? yeah, well look how that's panning out).

I think the whole process reeks of speculative, nationalistic propaganda... BAHAHAHA, I thought I could get that out without cracking up but I can't! In any case, to get myself in the spirit, I will engage in the same (largely useless) charade. A lot of my choices will be the same as, well, EVERYONE's choices.

Mer's 2010 Fantasy Team Canada
Rick Heatzlaf
(aka Dany Heatley, Rick Nash and Ryan Getzlaf)
Sidney Crosby
Jarome Iginla
Jason Spezza
Vincent Lecavalier
Mike Richards
Jeff Carter
Joe Thorton
Shane Doan
Marc Savard
a Staal

Possibles: Brendan Morrow, Patty Bergeron, Simon Gagne, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp
Dark Horses: Colby Armstrong, JT

Dion Phaneuf
Chris Pronger
Mike Green
Jay Boumeester
Scott Niedermayer
Dan Boyle
Shea Weber

Martin Brodeur
Roberto Luongo

Back-up: Marc-Andre Fleury
Dark Horse: Steve Mason

(Okay, I wrote that at 10:30 a.m. - I just checked McGuire's predictions... scary...)

You must read this. MUST.

On March 8th, I'm going to see a ludicrously talented bunch of hockey players at Verizon Center. And they are even the ones I'll actually be cheering for (who are even better). There will be photos. And, possibly, epic tales of Penguin-stalking shenanigans.

In other news, the Ottawa Senators don't suck this week. They won their fifth consecutive game tonight. Toronto officially sucks worse than we do. Again. All is right in the world. Cory Clouston should be canonized.

Dany Heatley is killing me. In the good way. Good thing I live four provinces away...

Late Edit: I love this chick...

NHL Rant of The ... Game Day;;
[Because we all know I watched at least one of them.]
Today Is;; 2.16.09
Matchup Of Focus;;Columbus vs. Stars: Steve Mason Part II

You wake up some time late in center ice of Nationwide arena.
You collect yourself, only to come to the conclusion you're in mother fucking Ohio,
your ass is wet and numb on the ice,
and you're missing a shoe.
The second you stand up, visions from the previous night flood your mind.
Steve, in your room, staring at you with the intent to bang you into a coma.
At first, you shudder at the thought.
Fuck. I'm going to get his mono.
Then you shrug and snicker.
That's alright the stars are going to rape him tonight. Happy mono, Stevie!
You slip your way off the ice and decide that while you're there alone you might as well take advantage of it.
You walk straight down a hall and into the locker room without any hesitation.
You shut the door behind you and flick a set of four switches to turn on the lights, but to no avail.
The same feeling from the previous night enters your stomach.
Your heart starts pounding.
You see the one fire light shining in the center of the room.
Your phone vibrates.
You try to remember if you turned the stove off.
You sit in the light and take out your phone, staring at text from an unfamiliar number.
It says: look down
You do as directed and let out an ear piercing scream.
You're wearing a Turco jersey.

Steve Mason, honorary BAMF, Rina-proclaimed Pimp Of The Year, oh how we and our mothers love you.
SURE, you lost tonight.
Sure you lost tonight against Marty fucking Turco.
That's alright with us because we know you're slowly perfecting your impersonation of a steel wall.
That being said,
Go Stevie Wonder.
Go Jackets.
Go die Cheechoo.
Go Everyone.



Jessclub7 said...

When I was in Vancouver there were 929 days on the Olympic clock near the art gallery - I took a pic as proof!

I cannot fully express how much I dislike Chris Pronger. The man seems like a total tool.

ali said...

At least you have a clock in your town that's counting down until the Olympics... the clock around here is counting down until the "World Equestrian Games." I'm sure I don't quite understand the gravity of how big that actually is, whatever...

Hopefully Dan Bylsma can do for the Pens what Cory Clouston has done for the Sens... Please

Susan said...

One year before I get to steal the TV remote in our breakroom at work, to watch any hockey game on during the day. Normally, I don't watch the TV, or care what others watch (except for Jerry Springer), but during the Olympics, the remote is mine!
@Ali--I am also excited about the World Equestrian Games, I am such a geek :).
I hope the new coach for the Pens is the answer, or at least part of the answer.

mer said...

@all - when I was a teenager, growing up in ottawa, I rowed competitively, and my bike route to the rowing club happened to go by Parliament Hill, across from which was the Millenium count-down clock. This was in 1998. For about two years, I knew with almost unquestionable certainty how many days there were until Y2K.

@ ali - here's hoping ali!