Wednesday, 11 February 2009

giant meteors hitting ze earth...

...again, because i am either the o-zone saying FU to the earth or maybe the giant meteor saying 'well, fuck that...'

i am taking a sabbatical from life to spend some quality time with my sewing machine.

or possibly to read a book.

because i am about three semi-colons and a misplaced modifier away from deleting my book from my hard drive. honest.

i'm that annoyed.


Susan said...

Nooooo! Don't do it! Step away from the hard drive ;)
Take a break, sew something or go beat up something (not yourself).

Jessclub7 said...

The semi-colon is the devil's punctuation mark. Fact.

Val said...

Deep breath, and no you will not!

mer said...

jess. i am stealing that for use in something I write someday. just so you know, ya know?

Lauren said...

If you delete your story and/or stop writing it, I will sell your ticket to the Pens-Caps game and never speak to you again.

But taking a break for the sake of mental health is perfectly acceptable :)