Wednesday, 25 February 2009

guilty pleasures 101


i can't help loving this woman's music. i KNOW it's not critically aclaimable. i also don't give a hoot. mostly, listening to it inspires me to do high kicks and dance around like and idiot in my living room.

rock on kelly.

LATE EDIT: Heatley, good on you for goal #30; only 10 more to go until you're my unequivocal favourite again. Keep 'em coming!


Jessclub7 said...

Are you a mind reader Mer?!

I ADORE Kelly C!

She is my current earworm.

ali said...

I figure you probably already left, but for what it's worth --

Have a safe trip! :D

Clare said...

Hope you have fun in New York and all of your travels for that matter!

KD said...

I drove fiver hours with one of my best friends from college to see Kelly in concert at a small theater in Columbus. She was fantastic live. Hands down, one of the top five concerts I've ever seen.

KD said...

Five, not fiver.
This is what happens when I try to do anything requiring brain power before coffee.

mer said...

thanks for the safe-travel-wishes y'all! see you soon ali :) and