Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hockey Rant in Canada (TM)

Dear Messers Alfredsson, Heatley, Kelly, Lee, Phillips, Spezza, and Vermette,

Thank you.


The Sens and the BJ's and the Giants all winning tonight almost makes up for the Pens losing GAG-2 to the Leafs.

LATE EDIT: This is stolen directly from someone's profile on a site which shall remain safely anonymous. I have copied it here because it made me laugh my ass off. And because it's about Steve Mason (who is one shutout from attaining 'le sigh' status like Colby Armstrong). If the author of this wants me to take it down, I will. Personally I think it's worth sharing.

NHL Rant of The ... Game Day;;
[Because we all know I watched at least one of them.]
Today Is;; 2.14.09
Matchup Of Focus;;Columbus vs. Carolina, but more specifically: Steve Mason
You get bored after a humiliating loss and decide to search "Steve Mason" on Google. Your goal is to find some chatrooms overrun by fifteen-year-old junior puck bunnies so you can bash the young goal tender on playing a stellar game.
You click on an odd link on the 13th page that looks good.
You see a small picture of Mason smiling and it winks at you devilishly, playing highlights of your team getting its ass stoned by him.
The screen goes red.
Outside, the wind is howling and the floor in what you thought to be your empty house is creeking.
You spring out of bed, throwing you destroyed laptop at the edge of the mattress, but its too late.
Someone is in the shadows of your room.
You mentally go over those Judo lessons you took when you were ten.
The light flicks on.
Steve Mason is standing there staring at you like you're a piece of meat.
This could either be a really good thing or a really bad thing.
All hope for good is instantly lost when you look down.
You're still wearing your Carolina jersey.

Steve Mason is the grand definition of BAMF. This man is an amazing goal tender and tonight his performance between the pipes was crazy. Sure, he didn't get the shutout, but from the moment I turned on the game at the middle of the first period to when I had to leave by the end of the second, I was satisfied.
You know that higher-pitch of voice announcers get when their team is on the rush? Well that's exactly what the Carolina announcers sounded like for about ten minutes straight while CBJ slowly got themselves higher up on the board. Mason was making save after save after save on quite a few awesome chances by any attacker from the 'Canes.
His show of athleticism was top notch. His reflexes were just.... Puma status.
Mason for Calder.
Mason for Vezina.
Mason for President.

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ali said...

"GAG" is definately one way you can explain the score of the Pens game...