Sunday, 8 February 2009

An Open Letter to TSN

Dear TSN,
Would you kindly fire whoever is responsible for this, and give me their job? Please? (On the sidebar, under Forwards, if it hasn't been changed it by the time you read this.)

I wasn't aware that the Atlanta Thrashers had a player named Derek Armstrong on their roster, let alone one about whom there are multiple trade-deadline rumours circulating.

I'm serious about the job. I'm smart. I know my shit. (I definitely know who Colby Armstrong is.) I can learn what I don't know. I love to write. (I know how to proofread.) I love research. One of my goals in life is to tell Bob McKenzie something he doesn't know. I love junior hockey (and NHL and international hockey, and I'm trying to learn everything I can about the AHL and the KHL and the Super League). I crunch numbers for the fun of it. (No, I'm serious, I love stats.) I'm incredibly opinionated, reasonably articulate, moderately cute and I have enough experience on stage to make me comfortable in front of a camera. The only things I don't have are hockey scars and a degree in journalism.

Seriously. Consider it. I'm a cheap rookie you can sign, risk-free, to a two-way, entry-level contract; either I score you some major points, make you look fantastic, and you give me a regular seat on OTR, or I flop and you lose nothing by sending me back down to the minors to hone my skills.

Think about it.


*apologies for cross-posting*


Clare said...

That is absolutely pathetic. Derek Armstrong plays for the Kings which is all the way across the country and I haven't heard him involved in any trade rumors.

ali said...

Especially after the game today -- I want Colby back, more than ever. He always played with energy... He put it all out there...

I want a player like that back on the Pens. Do it Shero. You just have to!

Today's Pens game = UGH.

mer said...

@ clare - if i'd had more sleep i probably would have remembered that there was a "Derek Armstrong" in the league - esp. since he played for the Sens! (a million years ago, and not for long) i feel kind of dumb now...