Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Things I hate. Things I LOVE. Mostly things I hate. I hate a lot of things.

(With apologies to Jess. Consider it a kind of deranged, slightly altered epigraph...)

HATE – The bus driver who glares at you for paying the correct fare: doES HE want an excuse to yell at me?

LOVE – The guy at the coffee shop who gave me a large for the price of a small.

LOVE – Street meat.

HATE – My cable internet provider. I am missing two hockey games thanks to you. (thank god both my teams won or I’d have to have killed someone...)

HATE – My modem. If I didn’t have to pay to replace you, I would smash you with the claw end of my framing hammer.

LOVE – The bus driver who doesn’t give a shit that my transfer just expired.

HATE – Getting on the wrong bus.

LOVE – When aforementioned rocking bus-driver lets me off a couple blocks down from my stop (which isn’t actually a stop on his route because I’m on the express bus that isn’t supposed to stop for another 40 minutes...)

HATE – The guy on the bus whose idea of ‘turning his music down’ does not lessen the volume of his ipod to something that will not give me a headache.

HATE – My laptop for being arse. Even if it was free. First order of business when I get a book deal and/or sell the rights to my first book to Fox: buy a MAC. Second: pay off my student loans. Third: A one-way ticket to berlin.

Love – My room-mates for being lovely.

HATE – The people upstairs who insist on vacuuming at 3 a.m.

HATE – writer’s block.

HATE – my cell phone.

HATE – cell phones in general. And ipods. And Any modern gadget that gives people every excuse to pretend they don’t know they are being rude. You are being rude. You know it. You're going to go to A new circle of hell, Where you will have a cell phone crazy-glued to your head as the Devil yells at you in a voice not-unlike fingernails on a black board, giving you a lopsided headache for all eternity.

HATE – That I haven’t seen BJ since that night on the bus when we both nearly cried.

Love – BJ.

HATE – the F5 hurricane that hit my room. Not my fault it’s a disaster zone...

HATE – myself. for lacking the courage necessary to suck it up and jump in the deep end of shark-infested tank of writerdom.

Love – My lovely readers for telling me I don’t suck. (And for meaning it.)

Love – Kylie. For being amazing.

Love – My queen-size bed. Which I don’t have to share.


Jessclub7 said...

Bring on the hate!

I am hating the entire world at the minute.

I went to a bookstore yesterday - hated pretty much every book in there. How do some things get published?!

I specifically hate Valentine's day this week - what a phony occasion that is. Invented by Hallmark for idiots who need a specific day to tell people they love them. It makes me want to hurt myself.

Jessclub7 said...

That was sarcasm by the way - I don't really want to hurt myself. I hope people picked up on that!

Great, now I look insane!

In a completely coincidental way, tomorrow I am having to go and buy a new laptop (mine was also weirdly free) because mine is so arse that I can stand it no longer. So I feel your pain on the technology front too.

ali said...

@jess -- Sarcasm noted. :)

Oh computers... I got my computer in December of 07 and in October of 08 my hard drive crashed (taking with it my 15 page research paper), the tech guys said it was the worse crash they had ever seen. I got a new hard drive for free, but I'm waiting for this one to crash too... ugh.


In regards to Valentine's day this weekend -- this weekend in the US, it's "Hockey Weekend Across America." Which is, in my opinion, a much cooler holiday -- it's the one I'm going to be celebrating. :D

mer said...

um. Friday the 13th? Hockey Day Across America?

both WAY better than Love Sucks Day.

Jessclub7 said...

In England I think we need some more unofficial 'Days' - like Hockey Day Across America.

Really all we've got is the Queen's birthday and as a republican, that's not much of a cause to celebrate.

And it has always bothered me that her 'official' birthday is not her ACTUAL birthday. So she gets 2 birthdays.

JK said...

I hate being sick and I hate the US healthcare system. I'm going to celebrate Valentine's Day by knocking back some more Sudafed and maybe some antibiotics if I can convince a doctor to see me tomorrow.

@Jess - if I was a Queen, I would probably attempt to stretch my birthday shindigs out as much as possible too. She probably needs more occasions to wear fancy hats.

ali said...

Oh -- just so you know -- this hockey celebration lasts ALL WEEKEND!! It's the 13th,14th, and 15th!! WHOO HOOO!!!!

It's really a pity that no one in Kentucky cares...

21 days and I'm back on the East Coast!!! :D

mer said...

Okay Love sucks day versus a weekend dedicated to celebrate the awesomeness of hockey... hmmm... really, is that even a question? (And why don't GUYS seem to get that?)