Monday, 30 March 2009

Around the Hockey Universe

Around the CHL (well, the WHL):


Sexsmith vs. Tokarski
#4 vs. #1
(goalie ranking in the WHL in the regular season)
#2 vs. #4 (WHL playoff goalie rankings...)

The last two Memorial Champion teams face off April 3rd and 4th in the WHL western conference semi-finals. The Chiefs have a wicked goalie, but our goalie's not so bad and we have Casey Pierro-Zabotel and Evander Kane.

P-Z is the CHL's regular season scoring champion this season. (Yeah, CHL, not just WHL.) Kane is 4th is in the Dub and 5th in the CHL for scoring this season. The only reason he's not fourth in the CHL? Some kid named Tavares who, apparently, is leading the CHL is goals or something...

Bring it Spokane. BRING IT.

* * *

Around the AHL (well, the Syracuse Crunch, which the only part of it that I really care about):

The Crunch iced the game two minutes after Durno’s goal when Columbus Blue Jackets second round draft pick Stefan Legein notched his first professional goal.
Sweetest sentence I've read in a Syracuse Crunch game-summary (or the game-sheet).

I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, I feel like this is about two months over-due. On the other hand, I saw how little ice-time he gets and I'm sure if I did some math and added all the ice time he's gotten and then recalculated that number by a remotely decent amount of ice time per game, it would have been in February.

I think the saddest thing is that upon seeing the score of this game, my first thought was, and I quote my brain, "Eight goals?! Legein better have bloody scored." I could deny that, when I scrolled down and saw that he actually had, I screeched and did a little fist-pump in my living room. I could deny it, but what's the bloody use? Y'all know I'm probably his biggest fan in the world other than his parents. [I'm suddenly glad I live on the other side of the country; I'd sound like a creepy stalker if I lived any closer to Syracuse.]

Oh, and he was 3rd star.

Oh, AND the Syracuse Crunch are 7th in the Western Conference of the AHL, meaning that, if they can hang on for another five games, they may actually make the AHL playoffs.

I am the happiest girl on the face of the planet.

* * *

Around the NHL:

There had to be SOME upside to being forced to look like a muzzled animal...
Too bad the rest of the Sens don't have his grit. Ottawa is 30 points behind the conference leading Bruins; that would make me cry if I didn't want to laugh so hard.


The Western Conference Playoff Race is more entertaining than Paris Hilton's sex life (not like that's difficult). To me at least. Columbus is in 6th with 86 points. Minnesota's in 11th with 80 points. ALL SIX TEAMS HAVE SIX GAMES REMAINING. In their final (collective) 30 games of the season, there are six games in which two of these tightly packed teams face-off. You can bet that these teams will be doing their best to bury each other.

Highly recommend tuning in to the following games as this pack of teams duke it out for three playoff spots:

Nashville @ Columbus
Tuesday, March 31st 7 p.m. ET
(tune in on FS-TN, FS-O)

Anaheim @ Edmonton
Tuesday, March 31st 9:30 p.m. ET
I hate the Ducks logo. It's almost as bad as the Buffaslug. I reserve the right to use the Mighty Ducks logo instead.
(tune into the game on KDOC and SNET-W)

Columbus @ Nashville
Saturday, April 4th 8 p.m. ET
(tune in on FS-O, FS-TN)

Nashville @ Minnesota
Friday, April 10th 8 p.m. ET
(tune in on FS-TN)

Columbus @ St. Louis
Friday, April 10th 8:30 p.m. ET
(tune in on FS-O)

Minnesota @ Columbus
Saturday, April 11th 7 p.m. ET
(tune in on FS-N, FS-O)

God I love the battle for playoff spots... I'm learning to have a much better appreciation for how close the Western Conference is and how much more exciting (and nerve-wracking) it makes the month of April.


ali said...
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mer said...

minor correction: Dustin Tokarski is the reason Tyson Sexsmith didn't make the final cut as second goalie for Team Canada.

So, you can guiltlessly cheer for P-Z. :P

mer said...

plus, Jon Blum (who was Captain of Team USA at the WJC) wears the C in Vancouver ;)

lauren said...

I can't decide how I want the final seeding in the West to shake out, because playing a full series against most of the Western teams right now absolutely terrifies me. Ugh.

Actually, scratch that: I do NOT want the Ducks in the postseason. At all.

In happier news, my home town OHL team advanced to the second round! Whoo!

ali said...

Mer -- I feel like such an idiot -- why is that I always go around posting things late at night, when I know, in the morning, I'll realize they were wrong... I should stop, I'm really not myself late at night. Ugh.

Vancouver it is.

ali said...
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ali said...

Not to continue correcting my embarrassing mistake, but I figured out the thing about the Spokane Chiefs that made them seem so familiar... Mitch Wahl (who plays for the Chiefs) played for the US Jr. team and Tokarski lives with him and his Mom in Washington... The US NHL Network broadcasters always brought this up when they talked about Wahl, and especially when they interviewed him or any members of his family...

I'm done now. Thank goodness.

mer said...

dearest ali,
I think we all fall victim to making silly mistakes when we're sleep deprived. the string of connections makes total sense though :)

mer said...

@ deets - saginaw?

and yeah, the ducks can blow me.
(wow, didn't realize I was still smarting from that one...)

lauren said...

Yes... go Spirit! Even though I'm away at college now and only made it to one game this year, haha.

I hate the Ducks. With a passion. Pretty much all Detroit fans do.

mer said...

@ deets - so do most Ottawa fans.