Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A Big Thank-You Note

Some sleep-deprived 5 a.m. Thank you!

Thank you! to the nice blond lady at United Airlines check-in who gave me the window seat in the exit row without me even having to ask for it.

Thank you! to the big black guy in security who let me keep my large tube of toothpaste (my ariplane seat-mate will be unwittingly indebted to you as well).

Thank you! to A.J. for meeting me out in the 7th circle of Hell (a.k.a. Terminal 7 at JFK), for giving me a bed to sleep in, for introducing me to Brooklyn (which is now one of my new favourite places in North America) and for teaching me the conversation topics game.

Thank you! to J & S for the lovely dinner on Monday night, the lovely breakfast on Tuesday morning and for forcing me to play the wine game (PINE NEEDLES!)

Thank you! to C & L for being amazing. Always.

Thank you! to S.L. (however unwittingly) for being such a sweetie!

Thank you! to Lauren, Ali, Traci, and Jamie for all around insanity and amusement, for letting themselves be sucked into my little whirlwind of a road-trip, and for being with me for my first NHL game. It was absolutely unforgettable!

Thank you! to Lauren for Monday.

Thank you! to entropy and the universe, for making these two of the most unbelievably fantastic weeks of my recent existence and for helping me find renewed faith in luck, love, friendship, family and the future.


lauren said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous trip! I'm jealous of you getting to keep your toothpaste, every time I fly I accidentally pack something that violates the new restrictions.

mer said...

I was shocked. I was terrified he'd confiscated my Mario Penguin too since stuffed animals used to be against the rules too. I was SO relieved!

Lauren said...

The idea of sweet little Mario Penguin being tossed into an airport trash can makes me want to burst into tears.

And thank you. That was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. + me + ridiculous amounts of hockey players = Vancouver in '10? ;)

mer said...

@ Lauren - I panicked. I was so glad it was 5 a.m. because at that time in the morning, EVERYONE (counter-intuitively) is too tired to be jerks :)

ali said...

Stuffed animals weren't allowed???

I always had trouble getting my "Tide Pen" through security... The last time the security guy asked, "Is this for OCD?" It was early, I was half asleep so I just smiled and said, "Um. Yeah?" He let me take it through. Excellent. :)

JK said...

I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip! Everyone just needs to get away and have an adventure every now and then. I know I'm thinking I might need one..

As frustrating as the game was, I'm still glad it wasn't a disappointment for all of you cool ladies who came a long way to see it. Also, I owe a thank you to y'all for punching my TangySweet card over and over again. Mmmmm....sweet frozen yogurt :)

mer said...

@ali - apparently someone got this great idea that someone could hide a bomb in a stuffed toy... yeah... that's paranoia for you.