Friday, 13 March 2009

Friday the 13th sucks

Top 3 Un-Cool Things to do on a Friday the 13th
(or any other day for that matter)

#3 - Being unnecessarily obscure/difficult/misleading about the cost of photo developing. You fully lost 100$ of my business just because you were convoluted.

#2 - Engaging someone in a ten-minute conversation about where to go to find a good non-Starbucks coffee shop only to ask her out to coffee. Do not waste my fucking time. I'd rather you waste less of my time and just ask me out since that was clearly your game plan.

#1 - Crank calling 9-1-1. Seriously, I saw a guy -a GROWN MAN, not some 15 year old punk-ass teenager with no soul- do this today. I sure hope the cops found him because he's a complete ass, and it's a waste of three paramedics' time and it's AGAINST THE LAW!

Top 5 Things That Made My Friday the 13th

#5 - Columbus beating the Hawks 5-3.
(Sorry Clare...)

#4 - Columbus and Pittsburgh each being #6 in their respective conferences for the past week or two.

#3 - Listening to Dance Floor Anthem on repeat.

#2 - Having more than one really cute guy blatantly stare at me and smile at me for absolutely no comprehensible reason.
(I don't get it, I didn't really look any different than I normally do... I wasn't even having a particularly good hair day...)

#1 - Kylie.

Yup. Bitching. Sorry. Long, crappy, unproductive day. Got NOTHING done (sorry Ky, no chapters tonight, maybe tomorrow?). Also, my photos from DC won't be up until Sunday. I need a digital camera.


ali said...

Honestly, when I heard you say something about film on Sunday I was really suprised... I couldn't remember the last time I saw someone use a film camera... For sure, that was a highlight of my day! :)

Clare said...

It's ok, I know you like Columbus. Thankfully I didn't pay very close attention to the game, about 2 hours before the game I made plans (on Twitter) with some friends to come over and watch the game and we talked most of the time and so I didn't see every mistake the boys made.

Although I did see Pat and Jonny collide and it scared me half to death, maybe that will teach Pat to put his mouth guard in, probably not but one can hope. I truly don't think that Toews saw him until it was too late.

mer said...

@clare - I didn't see any of the game, I was stuck listening to it, and then only part of the second period (when V scored his second goal). I wanted to see the game though, I feel like it would have been interesting. But yes, Pat needs to learn to wear that mouth guard or he's gonna end up with a mug like Heatley's (well, until H got an implant over the summer) and frankly a kid like Kane can't pull that off like Bobby Clarke could...

KD said...


I read this on my phone while I was in line at Starbucks this morning and started cracking up at #2. I'm pretty sure the people behind me thought I was drunk.

You are one sassy lady, Mer!