Thursday, 26 March 2009

Shout-out for a shutout!

Dear Steve Mason,
You rock. You make me so proud I want to cry. Even my friends, who didn't give two hoots about Columbus before I began singing your praises, are rooting for you now.

You? Calder? Can't wait for that photo from Vegas. You? Veniza? Biggest upset since the dawn of time if you beat Brodeur? Please do it. And not just because I think Brodeur's record-breaking 552nd win was a bit over-blown, but because I think you actually deserve it more than he does because you've played 31 more games this season than he has and you're the single biggest reason your club is going to make the playoffs for the first time ever.

Come to think of it, that may also give you a half decent shot at the Hart Trophy. Oh god. You know, I think I'd be okay with Geno not getting it if it's you that wins. Geno rocks, don't get me wrong, but you've had a MUCH more serious impact on your team than he has this season, even if he does win the Art Ross.

(AP Photo/Paul Vernon)
NHL Network reports:
"We have a pretty good idea that if we're in the playoffs this is a team we could be playing, so we wanted to have a good effort. We definitely came forward with it, that's for sure." -- Columbus goaltender Steve Mason
A few thoughts On the Record:
- Mason now holds the Blue Jackets' franchise record for # of shutouts in a season (10).
- Mason is 5 shutouts short of Tony Esposito's rookie shutout record (15).
- Mason is only the 4th rookie goaltender since 1950 to reach double digits in shutouts (Esposito, Terry Sawchuck -who holds the Career record Brodeur's trying to break- & Hall of Famer, Glenn Hall).
- Mason leads the league in season shutouts, is second in GAA and 10th in minutes played so far this season.
- Columbus is 13th in the league right now. I like 13; it's one of my lucky numbers.
- Mason has gone from being the "dark horse" for the Calder Trophy to being the shoo-in. Sorry Drew, you played a good season, kid... but not this good.

- Mason was selected 69th overall in 2006. Marc-Andre Fleury was selected 1st overall in 2003. Fleury went 4-14-2 (with 1 shutout) in his first 21 games in the NHL. Mason went 13-7-1 with 5 shutouts... Say it with me folks: DRAFT STEAL. Usually, I wouldn't consider someone in the 3rd round much of a steal because it's the 3rd round and not the 6th or 7th, but given Mason's comparative success, I think it applies. It's a relative "steal" factor rather than an absolute "steal" factor, but I think it's just as valid.

So, Mase, hon, you are personally responsible for my lack of No-Sens-Post-Season Depression. If it weren't for your win tonight (well, and the fact that Calgary was shutout twice for the first time since October by two of my favourite teams in a span of less than 26 hours...), I would be crying myself to sleep over the fact that Ottawa is officially OUT of the 2009 Playoffs. So, for the sake of my emotional well being and your record-breaking season, keep it coming.

Oh, and kid? I totally meant what I said about going to Columbus... even if it's the most irresponsible thing I ever do and I have to sell a kidney to get there :P



Val said...

I will say it with you "DRAFT STEAL" and Mer, don't sell your kidney, I meant what I said in an earlier post :)

mer said...

an example of how NOT to take the playoffs TOO seriously...