Saturday, 28 March 2009

St. Louis just beat Columbus.

This would not normally be a reason for celebrating. And really this isn't celebration so much as so-weird-as-to-require-mention because in doing so, St. Louis is now 8th seed in the west, bumping Edmonton down to ninth place.

The only reason this is worth mentioning is because every Central Division team currently holds a playoff spot. It's not entirely shocking that Detroit and Chicago have 2nd and 4th in the WC pretty much tied up, but the fact that the Blue Jackets, the Predators, and the St. Louis Blues are ranked 6th, 7th and 8th, respectively, is mind boggling.

Edmonton is 36-30-9 in 75 games with 81 points. After tonight, so is St. Louis. The only reason St. Louis is bumping the Oilers out of 8th is because their goal differential (the fourth of four tie-breaking procedures) is four goals off. [Edmonton has a -12 goal differential, St. Louis' is -8.]

If that's not close, I don't know what is.


mer said...

Apparently you don't need 3rd grade math skills to work for the NHL: they had the teams seeded properly last night, but now they've switched Edmonton and St. Louis. Clearly someone's forgotten the -8 has a larger value than -12. Or they don't know how to calculate negative numbers.

...seriously... why am *I* the one who keeps catching these things???

lauren said...

I saw it too. I think they're trying to save money by hiring high school drop-outs and paying them under the table.