Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Well isn't that Wizard...

Happy Wednesday! And Happy Hangovers everyone... (I'm posting this kind of early, just in case, for some god-forsaken reason, Jess is up at 9 a.m. GMT, eating Aspirin ;P)

An assortment of things that have made me laugh or smile in the past 72 hours... sit back, turn off the Peachy soundtrack and hit play on this instead.

If that doesn't put you in a good mood, you have no soul (and I don't just mean the Bob Marley/Alabama/music kind either).


On the topic of interconnectedness...

(click to enlarge it to find your university department, et c.)

The Visual Map of Knowledge or, as A. called it the other night, "The Map of Suck Writing." I guess when you have a PhD in History of Science, you're allowed to bash academia... This map is 'evidence' that his field is in the centre of the academic universe.

[I seriously want to go sit in on one of his classes sometime because I think I'd just about die laughing... I'm crossing my fingers for him to get the post-doc post at Cambridge he wants... as if I needed to know yet another Ivy Leaguesque over-achiever... at least his being a huge hockey fan eliminates the dangerously high-probability of snoot-factor, even if he DOES have the bad taste to cheer for the Flyers. I suppose he can't help having been born in Philadelphia. :P]

I asked him where I fit into this map (professionally speaking) if I end up writing about almost all of these things; I wanted to know if he felt that exploring science, religion, philosophy, history and politics in non-academese would still land me in the centre of the universe of knowledge. His answer: you're perpendicular to the plane.

Yeah. Thanks bud. Try wrapping your head around that one both metaphorically and logistically. I tried. I got about 3% there before simply asking him what he'd meant by it. He thinks that since I write fiction (ie. not academic 'suck writing') I don't actually fall anyplace on this map. Ergo I am perpendicular to the plane. Which I think goes without saying on a much deeper level, but maybe I'm giving myself WAY too much credit.

Now that I've contributed to you headache... a few things to (hopefully) relieve it...


Gotta love hockey bloggers: I think may start reading this one. Make sure you click on the links. You will CRY laughing. Promise. Reality trumps fiction every time...


I googled "hockey" the other day. (I was looking for a logo or something, can't remember, but half of what I was googling got deleted... and it ended up being just 'hockey'.) This was the result:


Same search. I don't want to know.
But -


Yoshi in sink.
(My cousin's cat.)


I just realized that I am in MAJOR Doctor Who withdrawal...



I miss the Doctor...

...and Space Man & Earth Girl... and the Doctor-Donna:
nothing like saving creation to get the day started right...

I don't think anything on television has ever made me cry so hard
as these few minutes did...

Oh, except this.

Best. Show. On. Television.
Russel T. Davies = Genius
Must stalk the Doctor this summer...


Lauren Cooper = hilarious
(it wouldn't let me embed the video I wanted so click on her for the link to youtube)

Kylie's the friggen bomb!

le sigh... last night at the Igloo

And, because I can't seem to go a day this week without being a gushing, emotional, sap...

"this song says... no matter who you are, no matter where you go in your life,
at some point you're going to need somebody to stand by you..."

this is global communications at is VERY best!
(ania & anya, my loves, this one's for you...)


Jessclub7 said...

I am awake!

Went to bed at 4am, got up at 8am. All for grovelling, don't-make-me-hate-myself-more-than-I-already-do university related reasons. A university I left last year. But now find myself somewhat attending. And I have no idea how that happened.

But I am going to drink to forget later on, so:

I ain't bothered! [Said in Lauren voice]

ali said...


There were these two girls in the section next to me who I figure must have switched team alliances when Colby left the Pens. Every time he was on the ice they chanted, "Colby! Colby! Colby!" and every time the Thrashers scored they would stand up and cheer VERY loudly... interesting...
(Oh and both were decked out in Thrasher's Armstrong t shirts)

It was a great game for sure...

Susan said...

Oh, I miss The Doctor, too. I can't wait for the new season to begin, but I am afraid it will be a long wait, for a short season. "Sigh".

Lauren said...

I love Colby.

I don't think that can ever be said enough...

Val said...

@Jess...I am loving your new avi, and I had more than one guinness and some decaf coffee with jameson that curled my was a most excellent day!

@Ali...shall try to get over my pea green with envy spell that you got to see Colby, Sid, Geno, etc. live and in person...

@Susan...hate those long waits for a short season (I am thinking of sopranos)

@Lauren...pretty much summed it up for all of us

@mer...just have to say what I always say about most of your writing...YOU ROCK!

Jessclub7 said...

@Val - that was when I went to Philadelphia!

On a semi-related note, I watched an episode of Cops yesterday (I lead a rich and full life) where they busted a guy who was picking up a, erm, lady of the night, shall we say.

They dragged him out of his truck and he fully had a Flyers jersey on!

mer said...

@ jess - bahahahaha!!!!