Saturday, 11 April 2009


What the hell do I mean?
It's a riddle. I just got home. At 1:41 a.m.
I am SO tired.
More later.

(Sooner if I can't fall asleep.)

Can't fall asleep. Blaming Lauren and le swooon. Mostly this photo.


So, tonight was kind of an epic fail. I had plans. Many silly plans. None of them came to pass. BUT (and it's a Beyonce-calibre-but!) it was still an epic night. Here is why:

Just a boy, born and raised in South Deee-troit!!!


At the game. Apparently, it's towel night. I bought a t-shirt. Will get both signed if I can. Have already been on the Jumbo-Tron. Joy. The camera-man is this totally adorable punk kid with the BEST. Liberty Spikes. Ever! They are red. Seriously considering going to sit down by the bench if I can. There are always free seats down there: season ticket holders who don't show... FOR PLAYOFFS. Stealing their seats if I can. :)

The game isn't sold out. Not even close. I don't get it.

- Kane scores @ 2:45.
- Kane takes a tripping penalty on Spurgeon, who actually seems to be hurt. He's on the ice for like three minutes. Leaves the ice limping. Five minutes later he's back drawing penalties again. Douchebag. Chiefs get a tenuous penalty in retaliation for being had re: Spurgeon's histrionics. Chiefs are pissed. Kane looks entertained.
- Giant, defensive breakdown.
- Only Blum seems to be playing D tonight, and he's rushing the net half the time.
- Chiefs score. They are as shocked as everyone. Softest. Goal. EVER. Marshmallow soft. God, it's shameful.
- Giant comeback with an answer to that goal about 3 minutes later? Don Hay is still pissed.

Shots on Goal: Spokane, 6; Vancouver, 12.
Van 1 - Spokane 1

Officially the quietest Giants game I have ever attended. Makes no sense. They are trying to liven it up. No goal.

Have seen at least 6 Bruins jerseys in my section. Milan Lucic is homebrew hero here in Vancouver. He was Captain when the Giants won the Memorial Cup.

Have seen four guys with Pens caps on. Hat foul.

- Berube's clearly remembered he plays D.
- Spurgeon - 2 minutes for tripping (You're a bastard, so's Karma.)
- Nunn - 2 minutes for diving. Actually wasn't diving, just couldn't couldn't stop fast enough and went flying.
- Garry Nunn: fastest kid in the league. (Apparently. He's SCARY-FAST!!!)

5 Pin person bowling.

Slowest, quietest Giants game. I'm actually ALMOST bored. Also tired. And ... wow, this game has flown by. Which makes no sense since it's so slow... maybe because it feels like NOTHING'S HAPPENED.

Maybe it's because the last hockey game I went to was Pens-Caps and it was roaring the WHOLE time. Mostly I think it's because I'm not with anyone fun :( boooo! When I move (ha! didn't even think about it before writing that), but when I move to Pittsburgh, I'm going to have to adopt a minor league. Junior A? USHL? Something. Kids. The 16-18 crowd. Either 14-18, or 16-20. Something in there.

and a Hartford Whalers jersey! Classic.
Where is Tom Percival? I feel like that's his entrance music...

Wow. The really classic Vancouver Millionaires jerseys (yes, that was the original team name in like 1920 or something) are SO NICE!

Jersey Fouls:
- A REALLY old school Detroit Red Wings Starter Jacket (the one night I DON'T bring my camera!!)
- Chicago Blackhawks jersey (WTF???)
- Burress and Bell shirts - um WRONG SPORT! Thanks for playing.

There are a ton of kids here. It makes me kind of sad that I wasn't raised a rabid sports fan, or by a rabid sports fan. My kids will be die hard hockey fans (or players).

- Messed up = seeing the US flag on Tokarski's sleeve.
- Sexsmith is ON FIRE! Holy Glove Save Batman!
That's at least #7.
- ugh. Drayson Bowman scores his 8th of the playoffs. Only scoring threat in Spokane's line-up.

Shots on Goal: Spokane, 35; Vancouver, 31.
Vancouver 2 - Spokane 2 at the end of regulation.

We're going to sudden death overtime.

- Holy Glove Save Batman! (#9)
- Making fun of the refs for their stupidity: best use of the Jeopardy music ever!
- 2:56 left in OT. Tokarski has a horse shoe up his ASS.
- Holy Glove Save #10!
- Holy Glove Save #11! (About 10 seconds after #10.)

Shots on Goal in first OT: Vancouver, 14; Spokane, 5.
Vancouver - still 2, Spokane - still 2

Get ready for double overtime. Oh GOD!!!

It is 10:48 p.m. Oh Dear Lord. This better end before 1 a.m. ... I will CRY if it goes to 4OT and I don't get out of here until 2 a.m. even if the buses ARE still running at that point [post-facto note: the last bus home for me is at 1:55 a.m. - I didn't know this until after the game ended]

DOUBLE OVERTIME (I mentioned this is sudden-death, right?)
- It is 11 p.m. Oh God. I'm not leaving until this is over, but I'd rather it not imitate Dallas-Detroit. It's 2 a.m. where most of you live.
- Kane gets a dumbass penalty (as he is known to do) for elbowing Drayson Bowman in the face. Idiot.
- 11:21 p.m. --> 5:36 to go in 2OT.
- Refs are having a nap. Cross-checking is still considered a penalty in most leagues, right?
- Tokarski's trying to pull I'm-tired-goalie-BS. Gets a penalty for delay of game. Too bad he doesn't effing serve his own penalties. Then, maybe this would end...

End of 2OT.
Shots on Goal: Vancouver, 11; Spokane, 7.
We're going to triple OT !!!!!!

Casey Pierro-Zabotel. I'm looking at you, kid. You're #17. You wanna score about 9:30 into 3OT? Say around 9:54 or so in? Cool? Cool. Good.

(Okay, so I was TWO SECONDS OFF. Sue me... That was from memory.)

What is with Game 5 ???

I have to admit though... :) SO WORTH my 20.50$

It is 11:46 p.m. PACIFIC. Holy Jesus.

Breaking my back just to know your name, Seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game...

(Wish you were here Ky!)

*Five Minutes to Midnight*

- Ho. Ly. Hell. TGIF. Not that it matters to ME. (But still.)
- Calling it a "defensive breakdown" implies we once had defense.
- 10:53 left in 3OT.
- Holy Glove Save #12!
- 12:02 a.m.: the DJ is playing "After Midnight."
- 7:06 left. Holy Glove Save #13! Oh God, thy name be Sexy!
- 2:45 left. It is 12:13 a.m. Playing "Shook Me All Night Long" ... yes...
- 0:24.8 left. GIANT PENALTY. Piluso for hooking. Third penalty of OT. Loudest the arena's been in 2 hours. We are PISSED.

12:17 a.m. PACIFIC time. End of 3OT. It is 3:17 a.m. where you live. Yup. You read that CORRECTLY:


This game is going to QuadOT. Holy Hell! Will this be a replay of Dallas-Detroit? Seriously?

Okay, this has gone from the lamest to the most EPIC Giants game I have ever been to! I WISH YOU WERE ALL HERE!!!

Best thing on the JumboTron?
12:04 a.m. --> SHOULD WE ORDER PIZZA?
Resulted in the loudest (happy) roar since end of regulation.

I'm actually sad that no one was able to come to this game with me. If only because I have no one to share this insane memory with. Someday, though, I'll meet some random guy in a Giants hat in the Burgh or Columbus or Montreal or someplace and this game will come up in conversation and we'll decide to get married or something based on this lone shared memory of this ludicrously EPIC game. This almost makes up for me not going to Detroit for Game 5 last June. Almost. (I was thisclose to going. There were tickets available 2 hours before the puck dropped. Detroit: you can kiss my ass, that is NOT Hockeytown behaviour!) I should have just quit my stupid job and gone.

4OT is 7 minutes away and it's already 12:26 a.m. The period will start at 12:33 a.m. -- This really IS going to end at 1 a.m.

JumboTron @ 12:29 a.m. --> PLEASE FEED THE DJ!
Shot of a grown man asleep in his seat.
DJ is playing end-of-your-eighth-grade-dance music. If you were in grade 8 in 1972.
The arena is surprisingly full for 12:33 a.m.
Someone smells of pot; can't really blame them.

Camera zooms in on the JumboTron: PERIOD 7.

- Giants start on the PK. (Thanks Ref, you arse. Refs are booed for their third straight entrance.)
- Holy Glove Save #14!
- *sings* I wear my sunglasses at night... lovely!
- HAMSTER DANCE!!! @ 12:36 a.m. The Ice Girls have disappeared; apparently they only get paid until end of 2OT?
- People are booing Tokarski. Telling him he sucks. Is it redundant to point out that if Dusty did, indeed, suck, we wouldn't all still be here are 12:38 a.m. ? ...
- These boys are AMAZING! Can't believe they're still moving faster than very unmotivated slugs. I'd be dead. Hell, I'm yawning!


Spokane scores with 13:55 left in 4ot.
It is 12:42 a.m. Holy Fuck.
Gal's 1st goal of the playoffs. Go figure. How very Petr Sykora of him.


Shots on Goal: Vancouver, 64; Spokane, 59.
FINAL SCORE: Spokane 3, Vancouver 2. In 4OT.

3 Stars
First Star: Evander Kane (what for, penalties?)
Second Star: Tyson Sexsmith (Holy Glove Save Tyson! 56 saves is Sexy!)
Third Star: Dustin Tokarski (should have been first, but we know I'm biased on this matter...)

Second longest game in WHL history.
WOAH. I can believe it.

In many ways, tonight was an epic fail.

Giant loss. I failed to deliver cookies (whatever, more for me!). I did not get Tokarski and Kane to sign my Canada jersey.

All I can hope for is another shot at Game 7. *crossing fingers*

Hopefully, if there is a game 7, it won't go into QUADRUPLE OVERTIME and I won't feel like I'd be an insane bitch to ask for autographs. If I was any of those boys tonight, I'd hate me for asking tonight. SELFISH MUCH???

Hopefully there will be a game 7. Hopefully Van will win it. Then I will have even more opportunities to get autographs. I don't want the Giants' season to end!!! Go boys!!! Win game 6! Show Spokane that Giants can squash little Chiefs any day!

I still can't believe the game went to Quadruple OT.

WOW. Now that I'm letting myself think about it, I'm really REALLY tired.

So. 66:05: the amount of OVERTIME it takes to win game 5 of the WHL's Western Conference semi-final series. The game was 126 minutes, 5 seconds long. Two hours, six minutes and five seconds. Do we even want to think about how much ice-time Casey Pierro-Zabotel and Evander Kane had tonight? No. It will only make us more tired.

G'nite all.

I may sleep through all of Saturday. I'll be awake for Game 6. Sunday @ 6 p.m.


(Apparently math isn't my strong point at 1:45 a.m. either... it was totally 66:05 of OT, not 73:05. Idiot.)


ali said...


I think that sounds like it would have been a perfect experience for my first ever Jr. Hockey game... to bad it was in Van.

Not cool that the Giants lost -- here's to hoping for a Game 7, and a Giants win...


KD said...

Don't sleep through the Pens game!!

Best start to my day. :)

Lauren said...

Otters games are the only Junior games I've been to, and they've never been that exciting.

Le are so distracting...

I'm pulling for a victory in Game 7 for the Giants, and a victory for the Pens on Hockey Night in Canada :)

Val said...

I, of course, am dwelling on the fact that someone can actually sleep through a hockey game regardless of how late it is...

I'm with everyone, go Giants, and no sleep until it is over...

mer said...

Val - in all fairness, it WAS Fifth Intermission... just sayin'

Val said...

@Mer - oh alright, I would allow for maybe a five minute nap at the most! :)

mer said...

just realized this post is rife with spelling errors. am too lazy to correct them. just so, you know, you KNOW that I know that there's errors, but I'm actively ignoring them.

mer said...

Just realized I wrote Dallas-Detroit re the 4OT playoff game last spring. We fully Dallas-San Jose. I should know, I watched the whole thing. Clearly, I was tired on Friday.