Thursday, 2 April 2009

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The Hockey News has Mason as a shoo-in for the Calder, a top pick for the Veniza (WOOOOOOOO!) and a potential for the Hart.

Steve Mason for Calder.
Steve Mason for Veniza.
Steve Mason for Hart.
Steve Mason for president.

In other Hockey News:

- Nikita Filatov got called up from Syracuse, so he'll presumably be in the line up for the game vs. the Preds on Saturday.

- Raffi Torres is up for the Bill Masterson Trophy (like Daniel Alfredsson). Still rooting for Alfie.

- The Senators are 100% out of the playoffs. For the first time in 12 seasons. So, since I became a teenager. This disturbs me a little. I'm not sure how to deal with a Sens-less post-season. It seems a little Sensless (terrible? awful? I know, sue me). Thankfully, I have Steve Mason and Evgeni Malkin; at least I have my Pens and BJs to cheer for like a hellcat. I'm so going to get the bandwagon bullshit for cheering for Mason... and I'm pretty sure it will be worth it!

- If playoffs started today (I hate that game but humour me for a second), the Blue Jackets would be up against Vancouver in the first round. And, frankly, I think Columbus would win because Vancouver's bump up has as much to do with Calgary flat-out SUCKING lately as it does with the Cauncks playing half-decently. Let the post-season revelry begin... Vancouver's been depressing as all hell for the past couple years since they haven't made playoffs since the first post-season I was here for (2006). Yeah, didn't help that my two favourite teams made it to the Cup final in succession when everyone here wanted to ignore the fact that there were playoffs even happening.

Eleven days until the end of the regular season...

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