Tuesday, 14 April 2009


This is Maggie the Macaque
The Simian Psychic.
The Monkey Prophet.
Smartest monkey in North America.

If you don't know why, watch this...

She kicks ass.
Too bad it's her last season doing predictions.
She's retiring after this year. :(
I'll be posting her predictions round by round throughout the playoffs.

Starting right now...



Bob McKenzie

Maggie the Monkey


#3 Devils


#6 Canes

(split 2 Canes, 2 Devils)

# 2 Capitals


#7 Rangers

#1 Bruins


#8 Habs

#4 Hawks


#5 Flames

#3 Canucks


#6 Blues

#2 Wings


# 7 Blue Jackets

#1 Sharks


#8 Ducks

And the one we all care most about (OTHER than Columbus)...



Maggie the Monkey


#4 Penguins


#5 Cryers

Maggie is wrong sometimes. This is going to be one of those times.


ali said...

...And this furthers my belief that TSN is far superior to ESPN...

Honestly, ESPN should try something like this... :)

Safoora said...

ESPN should get rid of Barry Melorse and Linda Cohn (and a few other asshats they have as contributors), and then maybe they could be considered a legit source for hockey.
I heard a rumor that the NHL is back on ESPN next season...hopefully that helps.

I agree with your picks Mer, nice picture of yourself too btw, haha.

mer said...

hehe, only used it because that's a can of Lucky Lager I'm holding.

I honestly don't remember that photo being taken. Strangely enough, I wasn't even drinking that night. I think I was flirting with this guy Eddie and holding my friend's beer (probably so she could take the photo, even though I clearly didn't realize her reasoning...)

Lucky Lager is the bottom of the barrel, beer-wise. Except fitty. 50 is the worst. So terrible it's awesome again.

Val said...

Is Maggie retiring from TSN to come work for ESPN? That would be most excellent - and I am with Ali and Safoora in their comments re: ESPN - ugh!

The mere fact that they let Barry Melrose back in the building after the Tampa fiasco - need I say more?

Clare said...

Granted I don't get TSN but I feel very lucky to get CBC at home, I am watching HNIC preview show that I DVRed from last night.

I highly approve of the picture you used for the Blackhawks :)

Jessclub7 said...

When I win the lottery [unlikely as I don't buy a ticket], the first thing I am getting is a monkey butler.

mer said...

@ Val - Actually Maggie is retiring because she is 21. She is getting old and, as James Duthie pointed out, her wheel spinning abilities have been on the decline...

I seriously hope they replace her, because she is the most freaking adorable thing on the planet! They totally let her run around the studio and the rinks and gnaw on hockey pucks. How will I live without the sight of James Duthie being picked for fleas?? How, I ask you, how?