Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday Morning Haiku

The sun is blinding.
This cannot be Vancouver
it 's a bit surreal.

My room is a mess.
Half-finished projects all over
await completion.

Leave it to Mad Max
to get his ass beat down
to help his team win.

Superstitious? Me?
When I don't wear my jersey
the Pens always lose.

Columbus got swept,
screwing up my whole playoff
bracket in the west.

If Vancouver wins
the western conference final,
this town will go nuts.

Only nine more days
before I fly to Pittsburgh
to see lovely friends.

I love haiku. I am butchering the poetic form, but I don't really care.
Write me some about the Pens and I will post them in a big second-round Pep-Rally post.
Also, Bligees. If you have become addicted to this ridiculous pass-time, email me the results and I will post them all sometime soon.

Happy Monday!


Jessclub7 said...

Have you seen the latest Cabbie? I saw it yesterday from my couch whilst I was in the recovery position waiting for some soccerball to come on.

Captain Serious admitting he goes to yoga to check out some hot chick - most out of character!

Oh, and I have a job you can have. I don't want it. And I've just got home from it so you don't even have to go in until tomorrow.

Beware though - it is ridiculous. Today I was reprimanded for using an unofficial pen to fill in a form. Fml.

mer said...

that is utter bullocks.
what the hell is an "unofficial pen" WTF??? that is seriously mental.

i will go check out cabbie (now I understand what Clare was so amused by!)

ali said...

Oh the latest Cabbies have been so good...

I will most
definitely send you some of my blingees that I make while I consciously decide to not study for my biology lab final tomorrow afternoon or practice my speech for my com class.

mer said...

I just watched the Yoga Cabbie... who knew Tazer could be FUNNY ???

Also, Mike Commodore, can we go for drinks sometime? You are freaking hilarious! You may actually becoming a new favourite (like I NEED any more favourites??)

Clare said...

@mer What was I so amused about? Or is there another Clare?

mer said...

@ clare - check your email

Clare said...

@mer, Check your email

Val said...

remind of the syllables in a haiku again - because if it what I think it is, I've got one a brewin' sister woman!

mer said...

@ val- haiku is 5-7-5

Val said...

I will see your haiku and raise you:

Sidney is our king!
Penguins rule with our king!
We are great king fans!

Life is good for us
Life is good for Maxime Talbot
Life is good for us

We love Maxime Talbot
We want to root for him always
We love Maxime Talbot

Now Mer, put that in
your pipe and smoke it, oh Mer,
this one is for you!