Saturday, 18 April 2009

Post Game 2 Predictions

CBC had this great stat yesterday: 97% of teams that take the first two games of a series win the series. I'm not sure if this is just the first round or not, but since we are IN the first round, it really doesn't matter, since if it's only the first round, well, it still applies. [Then, on Sunday they tell you 87%, which sounds a lot more realistic, but 10% less certain than 97% ... still worth calling the series' though.]

Early Acceptance to Round 2:

Game 1: 4-1 win. Tried not to be a bitch about this...
Game 2: 3-2 OT win. Grandpa Guerin is God for a day.
I didn't say the word sweep. (Okay, so I DID say it once, before Game 1, and it was only in retaliation to being told the Pens were about to get swept by the Flyers... *choking on laughter*) Will be surprised if this doesn't come back to Pittsburgh. Will be thrilled, however, if the Pens decide to make "First Round Sweep" an item on all future Playoff To-Do Lists.

Spotted: 87 playoff flags waving from cars on Thursday prior to Game 1.
Game 1: 2-1 win. (Admit it. You forgot Sami Salo played in the NHL, didn't you? Yeah, so did most of British Columbia...)
Game 2: 3-0 win. (Bobby Lu > The Other Mason)
I said four games.
Good thing I'm going out with M.B. tonight before the beer runs out.

Game 1: 4-1 win.
Game 2: 4-0 win.
If you thought the BJs had a shot because of Mase, you were right. Too bad he can't score a few goals to get the rest of the team going. Vermette. Commodore. Nash. I'm looking at you boys. Get it rhgxfthn-ing together for game three so you at least don't get swept, okay?

That said... I AM STILL ROOTING FOR COLUMBUS!!! I think they can still take this series. More on that before Game 3. Let the Post-Season Pep-Talks begin...

Game 1: 3-1 win.
Game 2: 5-1 @ the end of the 2e.
Even though Matt Hunwick is out, my money is still on Boston. I don't really LIKE Boston (I even promised Deets that I'd cheer for Detroit if it comes down to a Bruins-Red Wings SCF, which I will let her hold me to. No matter how much I'll want to gouge my eyes out...) but I think Bruins take the Habs.

Game 1: 3-2 win in OT. Martin Havlat - 2 goals. Cammalleri - 1 goal.
Game 2: 3-2 win. Captain Serious - 2 goals. Iggy - 1 goal. Toews wins.
I can't believe I was fist-pump city when the Hawks won this game. I feel a little bad actually, because I'm used to cheering for the Flames. I'll be honest, it felt weird. But good. Because I have to love Tazer and 'the other Kris' Versteeg.

On the fence about...

Game 1: 4-3 win.
Game 2: 1-0 win.

One goal games, both of them. Against Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green.

I'm still not convinced the Rags won't blow it.


New Jersey Devils vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Game 1: 4-1 Devils.
Game 2: 2-1 Canes in OT.
I'm still betting on Brodeur. And Zach Parise.
Sorry Staal Sr., but doesn't Dany Heatley have an international scoring record you can challenge in Bern?
WAIT, You weren't invited to Switzerland... ouch...

I had to split this up because stupid, bloody blogger won't let me edit posts after I embed NHL videos. Bastards.


Safoora said...

I'm still rooting for the Blues and BJs, even though it's probably a long shot now...

But seriously, wtf Devils? And now Captain Langs is out, ugh...
And wtf, Ovechkin=bust in the playoffs. Rocket Richard winner my ass.

Jessclub7 said...

*Adopts MAF accent*

That's sneaky little bastards, I'll thank you!

mer said...

You know what I love? The MAF subtitles the Puck Huffers have been doing lately. Gold.

Clare said...

Not to burst your bubble or anything but the Hawks won in regulation last night not in OT. Captain Serious scored the go-ahead goal with 30 seconds left in the second period.

lauren said...

I think the BJs will pick up at least one game in Columbus. Having the last line change will help immensely, because Lidstrom is our only defenseman that can shut Nash down that well.

Roxy said...

The BJs seriously need to let Filatov play. What happens when you have ZERO goal production? You yell at Nash and tell your sexy Russian player to get his ass out there.

mer said...

@ clare. you're totally right! ack. I was cooking dinner at the time and they kept talking about it going to OT if there was another goal. I have NO clue why I thought it went into OT. May have been the fact that it was the second game I was watching yesterday so it felt like it was OT. consider it changed.

@ roxy - agreed regarding Filatov. also Caps have to call Alzner up if they haven't already done so (i haven't caught any of that series)