Saturday, 11 April 2009

RE: The To Do List For Thursday April 9th, 2009

Write haiku in honour of Steve Mason and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Mostly in honour of Steve Mason.

I never said they'd be any good.

Dearest Steve Mason,
You are the golden ticket.
Love, Kylie & Mer

Rookie goal-tender:
Junior C to Columbus,
in only four years.

Ohio is now
100% hotter
With Antoine Vermette.

Nash, my chubby friend,
Healtley will miss you in Bern.
Getzlaf says congrats.

- Finish my Pens Playoff Project from last post-season. Post photos as it is truly epic. Then post it to someone with playoff tickets so it can go to a playoff game even if I can't.
Epic fail (for today).

- Prepare for this year's playoff insanity and the inevitability of my waxing poetic on the nature of heroism, honour and other such related nonsense by finding my thesaurus and looking up synonyms for 'epic', 'clusterfuck', 'failboat' and 'inspirational'.

Found it.

- Watch Dany Heatley score goal #39 against Martin Brodeur.

3:51. #39. Dany Heatley is 1 goal from my undying love.

- Call Don Hay.
Got his voice-mail. Lazy bum was probably having a nap or something. Will call again tomorrow. Or maybe just go out to Ladner (ewwwwww) and stalk him. With cookies. Do coaches like cookies?

- Bake cookies for Dustin Tokarski.
My apartment smells SO SO yummy!

- Get tickets to Game 5 of the Chiefs-Giants Conference Semi-final series so I can give said cookies to Dusty.
Need to get on this one. Thought today was Wednesday for some idiotic reason. Tickets are probably sold out now. [Actually not. Most epic game ever. Glad I got off my lazy arse and walked to the Pacific Coliseum yesterday.]

- Stop watching this interview... really. Stop. But.... okay, one more time...

Watched this three more times. Then tried not to imagine what watching him do that hair thing in person would do to my knees. That would be embarrassing. Very embarrassing... like that time when... no wait, not going there.

- Read Friday Night Lights.
Utter failboat. Whatevs. Baked cookies and watched Sens-Brodeur and Pens-Isles instead. Then squeed watching the Pens give some lucky fans their game jerseys. Fell madly in love with Max Talbot all over again when he had a ludicrously animated conversation with the old man who got his jersey. He is still #2 on my "Pitchers and Play Pool" list. After Colby Armstrong.

- Miraculously manage to kill whatever form of alien-tape-worm-spawn is making my entire body feel like I've been hit by a semi.
Apparently I just needed 9 hours sleep. Cool beans yo.


ali said...

Just out of curiosity -- did Game Centre live actually broadcast the FSN Pittsburgh feed on Thursday night?? And.. if so... they actually kept broadcasting the post-game stuff???

Game Centre hasn't had the FSN Pgh feed since... February?!?!

Glad to hear you got so much sleep, I'm jealous... oh so jealous...

mer said...

@ ali- they DID have the FSN-P feed. They showed like 20 minutes of stuff after the game. All the fan-appreciation stuff. It was lovely.

Val said...

One word for your haiku - epic!

In our house, we abbreviate clusterf*** to CF because of kids, might help in your vocab search...

Glad you got so much accomplished, and mostly glad you got some sleep! Peace!

Clare said...

@mer, I have watched this video many times and I keep missing the hair thing what time is it at? (Yes this does give you permission to watch it again) I know it is probably completely obvious so I don't know why I keep missing it.

mer said...

clare - I just realized he doesn't do the hair thing in this video. He just does the cheek-rub thing. He fidgets. And he's speaking in French with what might be the most incredibly homesickness-inducing accent possible. I was, admittedly, watching several Letang videos when I posted this. I'll find the one with the hair thing that wiped all coherent thought from my mind.

KD said...

I love the haikus! I didn't realize, until recently, how much I loved haikus. Too bad I cannot write poetry to save my life.

Lauren said...

I can't stop watching...

I'm dying to know what he's talking about, but then I think:
1. It might just be some boring run-of-the-mill interview.
2. The boringness of the interview would ruin my fantasy of what he's actually saying.
3. Who cares what he's saying? I just want to look at him anyways...

mer said...

@ lauren - it's actually from the 2006-2007 season after he got sent back to Val d'Or. Mostly they're talking about how he felt being sent back down and if it's true that after playing in the NHL you don't want to play anywhere else and stuff like that. It's actually really cute (in a slightly run of the mill way, but different because he's so much more articulate in French).

Oh, and they talk about him representing Canada at junior worlds and how proud he was to wear the C (swooon).

The last bit is about how the Pens have such a good young core and how Kris hopes they can keep everyone with the salary cap (which they have, for the most part!)