Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Second Round Love (and No Love) Letters

Dear Anaheim,
You just completely effed up my western conference playoff bracket.
No Love EVER,
(Well, except you, Getzy. Okay, maybe you too, Whitters)

p.s. Have fun facing the Wings in the next round, SUCKERS!

Dear Detroit Red Wings,
I will not say this often, so savour it: I hope you win. That way, I will get to watch Vancouver annihilate you in the conference final.

(Hossa, I still hate you. You are full of fail. I hope you choke. Again.)

Dear Canucks,
I am fairly indifferent towards you most of the time, but frankly, playoff season in Vancouver is much more tolerable when Canucks fans are happy. And I honestly think you will take the Hawks in 6 games. You'll be gearing up for the conference final by the time I get back from Pittsburgh, right?

Dear Captain Serious,
You have a special place in my heart for being one of my WJC boys.
But I don't think you guys will beat Vancouver.

Maybe next year,

Dear Boston,
Does it really matter who you face in the second round?
No. I didn't think so.
See you in the Eastern Conference final.
Looking forward to watching you lose,

My Dearest Penguinees,
Please win this series at home in Game 6.
See you in eight days.
(If I don't end up in the emerge hyperventilating from anticipation before being institutionalized because some doctor thinks I'm certifiable.)

 love you thiiiiiiiiiis much!

Send me your Blingees.
I will have an all-Blingee-rific post.
(Not just Pens, do WHOEVER you want!)


Brooks Orpik probably deserves his own post for this article alone. But I'm lazy and I have about 100 other things to do today, so he must settle for his own Blingee. It will be posted later since I just accidentally deleted it. BOOOO!

OH! And congrats to HCDB!
(That's Head Coach Dan Bylsma to you, kid!)


Jessclub7 said...

In reply to yesterday, an official pen is one which complies with government pen policy. Yes, such a thing exists. It must be black for writing on legal documents blah blah blah. Mine was blue. Sue me. I'll appear in my own defence.

My job title is also very literal and hilarious - Specialist Decision Maker.

I am serving my time before transferring to fraud and spending my days sat in the back of a van busting crooks.

ali said...

Hhhmmm... I've had a similar experience involving pens... My former boss had quite the penchant for every employee position in his office using a certain color pen (so he could always tell who was writing what). I was not informed of this and was yelled at because I used the wrong color. Some people...

I still am having a hard time believing that San Jose choked again... Wow. Just wow.

Val said...

@Jessclub7 - your job title alone has totally made my day...I hope your time ends soon at that current position!

@Ali - I completely agree about San Jose, but I am really glad for Anaheim because I like Ryan Whitney...

@Mer - only hyperventilate if you see the game, not before, because it would be a shame to be in the emergency room during the game!

Jessclub7 said...

@Val - believe it or not, it is quite a coveted position. It is also quite high up the corporate ladder - I am way out of my depth.

And bored. But on Friday I shall be neglecting my job to try and get tickets to see Green Day on Halloween.

Sticking it to the man ...

JK said...

Oh goodness.....don't tempt me with the idea of Caps blingees!

mer said...

@ jk - DOOOOO IIIIIIIITTTTT!!! I'll wait for yours. :P It's going to be a celebratory second round post.

lauren said...

...are you seriously rooting for my boys? O_o Bizarre! Haha.

I think you need a Blingee-rific post about how all the Hart nominees this year are Russian.

mer said...

@ deets - if you Blingee them, I will post. :) do it. and yes, I am rooting for the wings so that I can watch the Ducks tank, and then I'll cheer for Van in the conference final against Detroit... sorry, like i said: savour it.