Friday, 10 April 2009

Things You Forgot You Remembered - 1992 edition

January 9th: The Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is established.

February 29 & March 1st: Bosnian Serbs boycott the referendums held in Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to determine independence. Despite this boycott, there is 67% voter turn-out and a 99.43% vote for independence from Yugoslavia. Serb political leadership set up road blockades in protest.

March 5th: Independence is declared by parliament in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

March 28th: Bosniak leader Alija Izetbegović declares his opposition to any type of ethnic division of Bosnia.

April 5th: The Siege of Sarajevo begins.

It will last until February 29th, 1996.

April 24th: UNOSOM I (the United Nations Operations in Somalia) is established by Security Council resolution 51 (1992), to monitor the ceasefire in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia; and to provide protection and security for United Nations personnel, equipment and supplies at the seaports and airports in Mogadishu and escort deliveries of humanitarian supplies from there to distribution centres in the city and its immediate environs.

April 29th-May 4th: The Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles.
37 dead.
1300+ injured.
4000+ arrested.
damage estimate as of May 1st, 1992: 2,000,000

May 7th: I turn nine.

May 15th: Colin von Ettinghausen and Peter Hoeltzenbein's coxless pair (a type of boat in competitive rowing) collides with Silken Laumann's single scull, severing the muscles in her right thigh. Laumann, a Canadian rower, was a favourite to win gold in the single scull category in the 1992 Barcelona Games.

June 1st: Game 4. Mario Lemieux scores the sweetest goal in Pittsburgh Penguins history.

At some point, my family gets a TV.

August 2nd: I get up (with my whole family) at about 3 a.m. to watch Silken Laumann win Olympic bronze in Barcelona only ten weeks after severing the muscles in her right leg.

August 24th: Hurricane Andrew. Like Katrina, only not quite so political.

August 28th: UNOSOM I's mandate and strength are expanded by Security Council resolution 775 (1992), to enable it to protect humanitarian convoys and distribution centres throughout Somalia. Good luck suckers. (Really, good luck. You'll need it...)

October 24th: The Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series.

October 26th: The Charlottetown Accords are voted down across Canada.

November 13th: Disney's Aladdin is released.
The only reason this year wasn't a total write-off.

December 3rd:after the situation in Somalia deteriorates further, the SecurityCouncil, by its resolution 794 (1992), authorizes Member States to form the Unified Task Force (UNITAF) to establish a safe environment for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. UNITAF worked in coordination with UNOSOM I to secure major population centres and ensure that humanitarian assistance was delivered and distributed. Doesn't do much good, as this is the ultimate outcome.

There were worse years (1994 comes to mind), but it's incredible how much you remember from when you were still in single digits, age-wise.


KD said...

Yes, I agree. 1994 was probably the worst year I can remember.

Jessclub7 said...

First, that fez-and-vest combo is much too third-century. These patches. What are we trying to say? Beggar? No. Work with me here.

Genie = genius

mer said...

My little pungent friend...

Lauren said...

My brother was born in 1992. I still have the calendar where I wrote "New Baby Day" and the note my mom to me when they left for the hospital. I got to take him to Kindergarten for show-and-tell. A few more months passed before I realized that I had enjoyed being the youngest and didn't really want a brother. Seventeen years later, he's finally becoming more tolerable.