Thursday, 9 April 2009

The To Do List For Thursday April 9th, 2009

- Write a haiku in honour of Steve Mason and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Mostly in honour of Steve Mason. Maybe a little bit in honour of Antoine Vermette... residual extra-love for being a former-Sen... and gratuitous eye-candy of #50...

how is a body like that not poetic?

- Finish my Pens Playoff Project from last post-season. Post photos as it is truly epic. Then post it to someone with playoff tickets so it can go to a playoff game even if I can't.

- Prepare for this year's playoff insanity and the inevitability of my waxing poetic on the nature of heroism, honour and other such related nonsense by finding my thesaurus and looking up synonyms for 'epic', 'clusterfuck', 'failboat' and 'inspirational'.

- Watch Dany Heatley score goal #39 against Martin Brodeur as the top team in the Atlantic Division and the 'winningest' goalie in NHL history inexplicably lose yet another game to a team with a negative value in the "Playoff Hope" column.

What? I was supposed to get that one?

OOPS... shiiitt man

- Call Don Hay. Demand to know what the hell is going on with Casey Pierro-Zabotel. And Evander Kane. And all of the Giants' offence. And their defence. We still have some defencemen in the line-up right? The Dub seems to think we do seeing as they just named Captain America Player of the Week. We assume that has to do with Jon Blum's on-ice scoring prowess as an offensive defenceman and not the other kind of scoring prowess that might makes him 'player' of the week. Start hollering, Hay.

- Bake cookies for Dustin Tokarski. Happy shutout Dusty! Even if I want your team to go down in flames, I still like you. (Lauren, I've caught goalie-loving disease...)
- Get tickets to Game 5 of the Chiefs-Giants Conference Semi-final series so I can give said cookies to Dusty. Curious to know whether the look he gives me will be more, less, or on par with the what-the-hell look I got from John Tavares last fall. How much does someone want to bet I can make him blush? Also, just realized that Casey Pierro-Zabotel wears the same number as Petr Sykora. And is a Pens prospect. Wish I had a Sykora Penguin. Wonder if that would count... Will have to bring Mario Penguin to the game for kicks anyways.

Plus, COOKIES!!!

I hope Tokarski likes triple-mint-chocolate chip and peanut-butter-M&M-and- Reeses-pieces cookies...

- Stop watching this interview... really. Stop. But.... okay, one more time...

Yes. It is in French. No, I'm not going to tell you what they're talking about. Not because I'm cruel, just because I'm lazy ...le swooon...

oh god... bahahaha I'd so love to hear these two beaking off in French...

- Read Friday Night Lights. Because, you know, I'm not obsessed enough with sports as it is, and I'm kind of intrigued by Kylie's former love affair with American football (and she won't let me read Something Blue until I've read Something Borrowed first :P).

- Miraculously manage to kill whatever form of alien-tape-worm-spawn is making my entire body feel like I've been hit by a semi.


Val said...

Priorities for Mer:

1. Haiku
2. Look at Antoine Vermette pic
3. Cookies
4. Look at Kris Letang interview
5. More cookies
6. Look at Antoine Vermette pic
7. Can you send me some cookies?
8. I have to stop writing and clean my house, but first I will look at Antoine Vermette...


Jessclub7 said...

Failboat is a truly marvellous term.

Think how many of Shakespeare's plays could have been enlivened by the addition of that fine piece of vocab.

KD said...

Dear Antonine Vermette,
You are a pretty, pretty man. A failboat you are not.


KD said...

Wait, Lauren! Did I catch the goalie-loving disease from you?!

It all makes sense now.

Susan said...

Ah, I've always loved goalies, after all, I married one!
I just got a new stove, I think I must bake cookies, too. Mer, you have inspired me to bake! Yum!
Thanks for the Vermette pic, it make my day ;)

Val said...

@Susan - can you send me some cookies, too? :)

Clare said...

I know what they are saying and yet all I hear is "Bonjour je m'appelle Kris et je suis beaux." (Hi I'm Kris and I am beautiful)

Lauren said...

hahaha, how can anyone not have goalie-loving disease?

Mer, I like oatmeal raisin cookies...just throwing that out there...

Antoine Vermette, I'm glad I get to live in the same state as someone as pretty as almost makes Ohio bearable.

@Clare: That's all I hear in my head any time I see Le Swooon...

Safoora said...

Ohhh Vermette. <3

You really, really don't like Marty, huh?

mer said...

@ clare - it is Clare Avenue. It makes me think of you like every day.

and yes, I know what he is saying and all I hear is "Bonjour, tu sais que tu m'adores..."

@ safoora - I nicknamed my wireless network at home Marty because of how much it denies me internet access. there is a positive co-relation between Brodeur's save percentage and my internet access: the better he is in the ice, the less time he has to be fuck with my internet and so my access is better. so if he can just do his damn job in Jersey...

@ jess - ole' will could definitely have benefited from some failboating.

eg. "Oft expectation failboats, most oft there
Where most it promises; and oft it hits
Where hope is coldest, and despair most fits."
All's Well That Ends Well (II, i, 145-147)

@ lauren - duly noted. on all counts. I may have to make Sexy (Tyson Sexsmith) some cookies too, since, in all fairness, he only let one goal in the other night. And if Vermette doesn't up the sexy quotient of the state of Ohio, I'm pretty sure Steve Mason's GAA does.

@ ALL - if you want cookies, facebook me your addresses (if I don't have them)

ali said...
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ali said...

Are you serious about cookies??? Like completely serious???

Man -- I miss so much stuff when I go for a "lovely" 8 hour car ride... boo.

Mer -- You can take all credit for my interest in the Jackets. I watch their highlights on, read about them, etc. etc. The hockey obsession once again expands to take up even more of my time... :) But honestly, I really needed a Western Conference team to cheer for...

I've seen that Kris Letang video -- and watched it even though I don't understand anything more than "Bonjour."

That Antoine Vermette picture... I changed the desktop photo to that for about 5 girls on my hall... they're not hockey fans, but they certainly appreciated that photo... who wouldn't???

mer said...

ali - completely serious. you're not allergic to peanut butter are you?

BJs = best western conference team ever.