Tuesday, 7 April 2009

To whom it may concern

Dear Mike Lange,
I think anyone listening to you is well aware that Sidney Crosby a) plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins and b) is Captain of said team.

Dear New York Rangers,
I normally couldn't care less how you do. But thanks for beating the Habs. You just made my day.

Dear Toronto,
I hate you. But thanks for Embarrassing Martin Brodeur.

Dear Dany Heatley,
You're so totally my all-time-favourite-ever.

Dear Petr Syokra,
There are no words for this, only numbers. Like 300.
Kylie & Mer


ali said...

Couldn't have really said any of that better myself...

Honestly... after what Toronto did to Marty tonight, I'm starting to think that a first round match up vs. Jersey wouldn't be all that horrible... right now, I just don't want to see Carolina...

I'm all in favor of allowing Philly and Carolina duke it out.

Susan said...

And, Christian Hanson scored for Toronto. He is the son of Dave Hanson, from 'Slap Shot", the best sports movie-ever! I just finished Dave's book, really funny. I know he and his wife must be just about to explode with pride for their son.

mer said...

amen to that. I'd love to see Boston-Montreal first round too... that'd be nice.

and Calgary just fell to the canucks. I like that when chances are the Jackets will be meeting them in conf. quarters. Even with Ottawa out (grumbles), it's going to be an interesting post season.

And Dany Heatley can score me a hat-trick in the 1/4 finals of the WC for my birthday or something to make up for the Sens failtank of a season.