Friday, 17 April 2009

You Are Cordially Invited...

To the most Gigantic Gong-Show-Birthday-Bash-Extravaganza
in Stanley Cup Playoff History!!!


The When

(Friday May 8th, 2009)
5 p.m. - whenever the victory celebrations end
Puck drops at 7 p.m.

(That's actually a count-down to when my flight lands two days earlier but I'm too lazy to make another one now that I know when the puck drops)

The Where
The Lawn @ Gate 3. Mellon Arena. The Burgh, PA.

The Who

(Mer & Lauren)

(Yes! YOU!)

Not Don Cherry.
(Okay, if he crashed our party, we'd just want to get a word in on Coach's Corner...)

The Pittsburgh Penguins.

(malheureusement, sans le sigh...)

The cool half of Pennsylvania.

& everyone awesome in the Eastern Conference.

The Why

Lauren's Birthday!
Mer's Birthday!
Game 4 of the NHL's Wet Dream Series!
This is big.

This is not merely Pens vs. Caps.
This is Sid vs. Ovie.
This is Canada vs. Russia.
(This is also Russia vs. Russia.)

The Dress Code
Penguins Merch.

Pittsburgh Steel Rocks Gear.
(We'll be trying to do SOMETHING, not entirely sure what,
for the Puck Huffers contest... put your thinking caps on...)

Anything with a penguin on it.
Anything Black &/or Gold.

Come find us!
We'd love to meet you!
We'll be the cute chicks
on the lawn outside Mellon by Gate 3 in ridiculously awesome PSR shirts (or our Pens jerseys)


KD said...

Do I need to RSVP?

mer said...

No silly goose, you DO NOT need to RSVP! (You just need to meet me at the airport :P)

Actually that goes for everyone. No need to RSVP, although if you do, then we'll know to look for you!

ali said...

I'm there... but you already knew that... :)

Safoora said...

I wanna be there! Someone want to pick me up from Delaware? ;)

Jessclub7 said...

Someone throw on an English accent and it will be like I am there.

Clare said...

I'll be there but I didn't need to tell you that :)

lauren said...

If, by some turn of events, you end up in Ohio, that's actually doable for me! Pennsylvania, not so much. I expect some awesome pictures of this though.

mer said...

@ deets - we will TOTALLY keep all that in mind!

Lauren said...

Just so everyone is perfectly clear: We're serious. We really want you to come to our birthday bash. :) I just don't want there to be any confusion.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Seriously, who gets this excited about their 23rd birthday? That's right - ME.

mer said...

Captain-Serious Level Serious.
(Okay, I can't believe I'm about to say this but GO TAZER GO!!!)

Clare said...

What exactly do you have against Tazer?

mer said...

But I feel weird cheering Against the Flames :(

Clare said...

You live in British Columbia isn't rooting against the Flames like a requirement there.

Plus even if you root for the Flames you can't not root for a guy who won the World Juniors and the Worlds with Canada in the same year.

Also Captain Serious Serious is an intense kind of serious. And yes assuming that the Hawks are in the second round there will be a Blackhawks jersey in my bag and if by some odd (read:horrible) reason we end up in Ohio and they are playing the Blackhawks I am cheering for the Hawks no matter what any of you say.

mer said...

silly cleo... I live in BC, but I'm not FROM BC, so I actually cheer for them a bunch just to agitate people :P

and the Hawks-BJs scenario you refer to requires the Sharks losing the series to Anaheim... which seems doubtful (even if the ducks won game one).