Friday, 1 May 2009


I'd like to take this opportunity to absolve myself of any and all responsibility for final exams that might be failed due to Blingeeing.


Welcome to Pittsburgh
Dan Bylsma

The Gossip Around the Zamboni...
Max Talbot
They're Called 'Forwards' for a Reason

Pimpin Ain't Easy
...pimpin' aint easy...

Sweden on Acid
That weekend you thought (and prayed)
your bosses would never find out about...

Don't trust that smile:
he's that guy who always gets the little kids drunk...

Sparkle Sparkle
This is Your Third Line on Acid

Fun on the Sod Farm
The Guys You Can Never Keep Straight
When You're Trashed During All Star Weekend

Crosby Dance Party
Captain Fabulous

Your Pittsburgh Department of Defense

This is Your Boss
Godard is Boss

These are Your American Heroes
Hal Gil & Rob Scuderi

Your Office Eye Candy
swooon blingee

WHAT? Eye Candy Has A TWIN???
party hair
(Yeah. We WISH!)

Your Voice of Reason
Mark Eaton

Your Insurance Policy
Brooks Orpik
As Jess said, this is ridic.
As Bridgit would say, this is v. V. ridic.

And...The Guy Who Scares You *just* a Little...
any questions?
Only one: When do you and Tazer throw down for the 'Captain Serious' title?
Okay two: Can I please be there for that fight?

Hart Nominees

this doesn't mean I LIKE you
this was about 3x as insane,
but Blingee didn't save half the stamps I had on here.

geno has hart

I'm ignoring Pavel because I don't like him, and Deets didn't send me any Detroit Blingee.
(If she does I'll post it, but I'm not spending my time making Datzyuk Blingee.)

Behind Enemy Lines
JKW Hugs
Beware: HUGS!

Their Sharpshooter

Only a Little Green with Envy

Game Over Greenie

Their Secret Weapon
For the love of Lemieux! Not the hair, anything but the hair...
oh, oh! too distracting...

And Lest We Forget Our Hosts...

ron + don = love
I don't think he's noticed your unrequited love Ron...

There is no point to this post other than to display the fabulous Blingee people have sent me over the past few days.
If you send me Blingee, I will post it.
Even other teams.

Oh, and Happy MAY!!!

Miikka, My Love
apparently I didn't explain the "make blingee to cheer your boys on" theory...
so I'll post Mikka just for you, silly girl...




KD said...

The only Caps Blingee I approve of is the one featuring Mr. Mike Green. That may or may not be because I've developed a crush on him.

Lauren has the goalie-loving disease, I have the defensemen-loving disease.

ali said...

I will admit -- the Mike Green blingee is pretty fantastic, but maybe it's just because I have a thing for the color green.

Oh defensemen... ;)

The "insurance policy" one didn't load for me -- it might just be the computer here in the library, but I'll check it again when I get back to my room...

Jessclub7 said...

The sheer ridic-ness of my Orpik blingee has caused it to malfunction!

And one of my new colleagues is called C Malkin. I was tempted to ask if she was any relation but thought I would look even more insane than I already did clutching a funnel and a laminated picture of an 80 year old woman punching the air, upon which I had written 'Joyce rejoices!' in black marker pen.

Don't ask.

mer said...

i have d-man disease too. jamie knows the full extent of it; it's pretty shameful actually.

all I can safely say is THANK GODARD that Alzner hasn't been called up or this series would be hell for me.

mer said...

@ jess - my pseudo-brother's girlfriend's last name is Malkin. my mom had to repeat it four time before I believed her. she knows NOTHING about hockey so I was left snickering to myself for two hours.

also, if you can send me your blingee again using the email function, then i can get the html code and it will load properly!

Jessclub7 said...

I shall attempt to do so whilst I wait for my Chinese food to arrive ...

KD said...

And, for the record, my Blingee does cheer on my boys. He's one of them.

A mother doesn't love her child any less when he fails. I don't love Miikka any less when he fails.

Lauren said...

I nearly had a heart attack at the thought of Le Swooon being a twin...can you imagine a world with two of him?!

ali said...

@Jess -- Your Orpik blingee is very much fantastic!

@Mer -- I totally agree with you on the whole, "I'm glad Karl Alzner isn't playing in this series" thing. It's been hard enough for me to distance myself from my love of Simeon Varlamov. (It's been hard, but I'm slowly accomplishing it... don't worry) I can only imagine if Alzner was in this series too...

Jessclub7 said...

@Ali - thanks!

I slaved over a hot keyboard for literally seconds.

JK said...

Everyone loves Greenie but no love for lil' Nicky Backstrom? It's all about the hair!

I would loooooooove to see Alzner back in DC, but he's too busy taking on the baby Pens. I thought about making a blingee for him and another for Varly, but my eyes couldn't withstand the flashing and sparkles after my other blingee attempts.

lauren said...

I'll resend the Datsyuk blingee, apparently the internet hates me today or something. I didn't know that you don't like Pavel... interesting. If I get bored this weekend I might make some more. :-)

I love the Malkin one... he looks terrified, haha.

mer said...

@ deets - not active hatred or anything, just he's a Red Wing so I kind of dislike him.