Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Can There Ever Be Too Much MAF?

I think that's like asking,
Can there ever be too much hockey, wine, chocolate, sunshine?
You get the idea.

Pay close attention to (approx.) the 1:16 mark.

Flower asks Sid if it's ok that he said bum.
Seriously, MAF?! Could you be any more adorable?

I think we know the answer to both of these questions: Non!


mer said...

you forgot cowbell and le swooon: there can NEVER be too much cowbell, or too much le swooon

ali said...

There can certainly never be enough MAF!

I really wish the video shot had been wider so we could have seen the look on Sid's face when MAF asked him that...

I can't believe we have to wait until Thursday for another game... blah

Val said...

Can he say "bum?" Ummmmm...yeah, anytime, anywhere :)

Susan said...

I love me some Flower!