Thursday, 14 May 2009


Eastern Conference Final
JStaal vs. Staal Sr.
Pens fans are all charged up. Canes fans have heat stroke.
Everyone who read Puck Huffers calls their local health care provider to get on a waiting list for a new liver.
We feel a bit bad for Linda Staal. She hates these games.

Western Conference Final
The Hated Ho$$a vs. Captain Serious
If we have to tell you who we're cheering for,
you haven't been paying attention.
The only downside of watching the Hawks win this series
is having to watch them play the Pens in the SCF.

Think About This

Captain Fabulous
Captain Serious

Eastern Canada
Western Canada

Original Six

87 vs. 19
71 vs. 88
29 vs. 39

Could there be a better looking faceoff ???
Could there be a MORE adorably marketable SCF series?
Pierre McGuire might have an aneurysm from all the 'leadership' in the room.
We'd love to see that.

Come on boys.
Do it.


Val said...

Mer, that was perfect!

Clare said...

As much as it pains me to say it because I feel as though I am stabbing the Pens in the back and I really do love them but in a SCF I would have to cheer for my Hawks. It would be probably the hardest series of my life because I would end up happy and sad. I would be so incredibly happy for the one team and so sad for the other team.

And Mer, assuming the 29 vs. 40 was about MAF and Khabby. You are still thinking of Varlamov, Khabby is actually 39. And yes I realize everyone else on the planet spells it Habby but I have to include the silent K it is in his full name so I add it to his nickname.

KD said...

@Clare - I would think something had happened to your sanity if you didn't cheer for the Hawks. I wouldn't have it any other way!

The thought of a Hawks vs. Pens SCF made my Friday. Chills city. No joke.

ali said...

A Pens vs. Hawks SCF would be perfect in my mind --

But, alas, let us not get ahead of ourselves... It's the Hurricanes and the Wings up first...

As a good friend of mine says when he's passing people on the interstate, "Time to be destroyed."


Roxy said...

One good thing about the SCF matchup, one of them has to win.

One bad thing, one of them has to lose.

Do it.

mer said...

@ clare - I totally was thinking about Varly. I was also tired. Ooops. And if you cheered for the Pens over the Hawks I'd probably die of shock. I mean, you don't honestly think that in a Sens-Pens ECF, I'd be cheering for the Pens, do you??

@ ali - Time to be destroyed, indeed. Also I had a dream last night that you were 24, and my little sister, and that you were married and had two little kids. WTF is up with my subconscious???

lauren said...

I'm a little afraid to play the Staal drinking game using the PH rules. I might die.

Also, this should amuse all of you- Hossa played on the 3rd line in game seven.

If we let him walk at the end of the year will you hate my team less? *curious* I really don't think he's going to be resigned, but then Ken Holland does like to do things that confuse me.

Little known fact: the 'Hawks are my second (albeit far behind Detroit) team. This series might make my head explode.