Friday, 22 May 2009


KDKA and TSN suck so I couldn't post the actual videos.

An eternity of cookies to ME.

Love Hal Gill.

Le hair + les bruises + .... I'm sorry what did you say?

(Please note how hard le swooon's trying not to laugh, and KDKA needs a new cameraman. GEEZ!)


Kylie said...

I want a goal from Gonch and the American hero!

I said that the Hawks would with both at the UC and make it a new series. If that happens, does that mean I have superpowers, too? :-p

The KDKA cameraman was either drunk, or overcome by the power of Letang's sexhair. My money is on the latter.

Lauren said...

I'm with Kylie - he (or she, I suppose) was obviously overcome by the power of Le Hair. Notice at the 1:45 mark it just gets to be too much and he (or she) has to focus on the bench for a while.

And the 2:33 mark? True love.

mer said...

@ lauren - that's when he laughs, isn't it?