Friday, 22 May 2009

Duncan Keith is Listening

A few important things to understand:

1) We love people who, in turn, love the Chicago Blackhawks.
2)We do not like Detroit. At ALL.
3) As much as a re-match of last year's Stanley Cup Final would be epic to the power of legendary... (Has it happened since 1983 and 1984 when Gretzky's Oilers and defending Cup Champion Islanders faced off for the second year running? Has it? Doesn't matter, because we all know how THAT turned out.)
...we'd rather see the Blackhawks win the Western Conference title.

We will conveniently forget, for the moment, that a Hawks series win then means they become the enemy.



So, because the people we love are fabulous and making us kick ass t-shirts
that we should be paying big bucks for, we (the royal we, just Mer, really) decided to see if that little predictions thing works with the Hawks.

(God only knows it will never work for the Sens, I am cursed. I'm like the anti-luck charm for the Sens.
I watch = they lose. Not just this season either, this goes back to 1998... I hate this, but I digress...)

We figure, why not try, eh?

Duncan Keith really does have a, reputedly, horrid flu.
He looks a little glazed over at the beginning of the second period.
Beginning to think it ain't gonna happen.
Maybe it's just a Pens gift.
Maybe it's less prediction than simply knowing the team and their tendencies.
Maybe it's just ---


Duncan Keith is Listening

(Fuck you Flu, indeed!)

In the end, Pahlsson gets the goal and Keith gets the assist, but hello? That shot?

100% Duncan Keith

Thank you. *bows* Thank you.

Tazer and Versteeg weren't listening.
(V, we won't call you "Other Kristopher" again, we didn't realize it hurt your feelings.)

I've learned that while some people are listening (like Keith and Talbot and Letang and Boucher)
and others are not (like Tazer and Eaton and Kris Versteeg), so really, I've got to be realistic. I'm not going to call a Sidney Crosby goal (unless it's calling a hat-trick or sommat) because, well, that isn't interesting. Calling a Patrick Kane goal is like saying Geno will probably score. (BOOOHHHH-RIIINNGGGGGG!)
That's probably why I always seem to call the non-stars' goals.

More predictions tomorrow.
I'm trying not to get cocky.
Really, honestly, truly, I'm trying to stay objecti- BAHAHAHAHA!!! - why even bother?
I want the Pens to BRING IT to RBC Center tomorrow!!!
I want them to EMBARRASS the Canes on home ice.
I want a blood bath, a sanctioned slaughter.
I want little, bitty, puffy, red eyes to match Carolina's helmets.

Godzilla is on the horizon.
He is coming for you, Eric.

Who wants to see someone RANDOM score tomorrow?
I'm thinking Gonchar.
Okay, not so random, cause we all know he's a scoring d-man, but I want to see him shine.
I'm worried about him. A goal would give him a boost.
Geno can set him up or something, or Sarge'll catch a rebound or something.


Pens - Canes tomorrow at 7:30 ET.


Cari said...

I love how you were chatting with me, and then Clare on my gmail. :)

And your psychic capabilities are freaking amazing!! But I think we were asking for too much when I asked you to start a connection with my Kris.

But you tried, and I SO appreciate it!!!!!

Go Pens!

ali said...

I do believe I need to get in on this fun fun stuff with the gmail chatting thingy. Hhhhmmm...

I'm definitely trying not to think about what will happen if the Hawks and Pens both win. I like the Hawks... I don't want to start hating them. But alas, I still want them to beat the Wings!


Tonight shall start another adventure of me trying to find somewhere to watch the Pens game. Wedding receptions should be in hotels that have bars.... at least I hope so...

Val said...

I am thinkin' the same thing about embarassment of the canes tonight at RBC...also, your innate ability to pick and choose just the right person at the right to get a goal is beyond all things don't think blue cocktails have anything to do with it, do you?

I am with you - Sarge needs a goal!

Clare said...

When I thought Duncan had scored I couldn't believe that you had predicted correctly again!

mer said...

he took that shot, it was his, pahlsson just stepped up at the right moment.

100% Duncan Keith.