Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Happy Wednesday - I mean BIRTHDAY!

In Cleveland (and Pittsburgh), it is now May 6th so...

Happy Birthday my lovely Lauren!
Lauren, this has a May 5th as the time-stamp, because I'm three hours behind
and I'm posting this to coincide with the beginning of your birthday in the Eastern Time Zone. :P

You get belated birthday hugs and birthday bumps (watch it! :P) when I see you on Friday! I hope you have a wicked day, and don't have to spend too much of it studying and/or doing the plethora of other menial tasks that eat up normal Wednesdays. And, if things aren't perfect, we can make up for that on Friday! I am so excited for birthday weekend, I do not have words for it!

Have an amazing day, Lauren!!!

Also, Mark Eaton is 14 today!

Okay, so The Pride of Delaware is actually 32, but he LOOKS fourteen, which is worse than me looking seventeen two days shy of my 26th birthday. (And no, that photo was not taken when was back in junior or something, it was taken for the 2006 Olympics. A bit dated, yes, but at 29 he ought to have looked like he COULD grow a playoff beard, which he still does not.)

In any case, it's his birthday today, too! Woooooo! I'll be cheering like a loon for him to score a birthday goal when I am inevitably stuck in some sports bar or departure lounge in O'Hare in my Malkin shirt (which I bought last year during playoffs when he was slumping, only to sit in slack-jawed amazement that night wondering what kind of drugs HCMT had put in his Wheaties that morning because he was kicking ass like Chuck Norris); here's hoping that wearing that shirt tomorrow will get him out of his baby-slump. Godard only knows that wearing my Sykora jersey has been do zilch-all this series... new series = new superstitions.

Why on earth will I be in a bar in Chicago watching the game? Because I'm stalking Johnny Toews because he's just so drea- Yeah. No. I will be stuck in the 3rd Circle of Hell because I am spending almost all of May 6th en route to Pittsburgh. My day begins at 4:30 a.m. (BARF) on a bus on my way to SeaTac Airport, then on planes heading for Pittsburgh International Airport. By 10:35 p.m., barring some unforeseen delays in Chicago -like a tornado, do they have tornadoes in Illinois?- I will be in Pennsylvania.


So, to those of you I will be seeing on Friday: SEE YOU SOON!!!

To Eaton: Happy Birthday, Buddy!

And to my lovely Lauren: Honey, you're getting the hug I was too chicken to give you that day that we discovered that RHODE ISLAND DOESN'T EXIST!!! This is going to be the gong-show of all birthday weekends! From here on in, I cannot be held solely responsible for the madness!


KD said...

I should be asleep.

I was asleep, but I woke up.

I am too excited to sleep.

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.


ali said...

Oh man -- I didn't know you were flying through O'Hare -- in that case, I'm wishing you even more luck getting through than what I said in the email... Best wishes!

I assume that while being in Chicago it will be easier to find a television showing the playoffs than it was last year while I was in Jamaica. Ha.

Despite finals I think it is indeed a Happy Wednesday (especially for those of you back in PA)

See you Friday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN! (and...Mark Eaton :) )

Lauren said...

Mer, I had completely forgotten that Rhode Island doesn't exist!

Have you ever seen the commercial for Walt Disney World where the kids are in their beds, supposed to be asleep, and their mom comes in to check on them and they squeal, "We're too excited to sleep!"

That's been me for like a week. :)

Can't wait for Birthday weekend!

Jessclub7 said...

Merry Birthday Lauren!

I got asked for ID in a bar on Saturday night. So I am 26 and don't even look 18. Yay.

On the weekend, just grab the drunkest person you see and tell them that they are English - it'll be like I am there.

And probably way more entertaining.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Lauren! Whoo hoo!

Mer, good luck going through O'Hare. I dislike that airport!

Have a super trip and don't forget, we want details :), at least those details fit to print;)

Stephanie B said...

Mer, I just wanted to come over here and congratulate you on your better half's goal!!! What a game! What a stinkin' cutie!!!

And Geno's parents were right up there with the cuteness factor!!

And you're going to Pittsburgh (or probably there right now)?!? I'm so jealous!! I hope you have a KILLER time!