Saturday, 16 May 2009

journée numéro deux – le 7 mai

The Coles Notes Version of
An Epic Weekend in the Best City in the World

- deuxième parti -

journée numéro deux – le 7 mai

You wake up in a strange bed, in a city you probably shouldn’t recognize.
You have a view of a parking lot.

Apparently you didn’t hallucinate a day of travel and the Penguins winning Game Three. Which means you didn’t hallucinate Kris Letang’s clutchtastic OT game-winner. Or the Tanger est mon petit chou shirt.
Which, clearly, you must wear in honour of his game-winning goal.
If you happen to run into him whilst wearing it, at least you have an excuse.

It is a gorgeous day in Pittsburgh. The sun is shining. It is warm. You're not entirely shocked.
After all, you’re the Good Weather Fairie, you always get the weather you want.
Life is sweet.
And it’s your birthday!

It is 9:48 a.m.

You can’t believe you’re getting up before 10 a.m. There’s no way you got more than four and a half hours of sleep. You have a feeling, that’s going to happen quite a bit over the next few days.

You polish off the last of the peach champagne for breakfast.

Somehow the morning disappears, and suddenly it's 2 p.m. and you are washing down the most disgustingly amazing nachos with a bottle of shiraz.

You have yet to consume anything nutritious on May 7th. Life is as it should be.

Kylie & her friend, J.

All day, you find yourself thinking that it feels like the weekend. It feels so normal to be cruising around Oakland, wandering around Pitt campus and bemoaning the fact that you've just missed the Heinz Chapel's open hours for the day.

You stare at the literal manifestation of the metaphorical Ivory Tower.

Inside, its gothic architecture reminds you of your high school. You're reminded of the grad lounge at Yale, and you wonder if your fingers would freeze in here in the winter, or if you'd be able to write and study in the Cathedral of Learning for three years, completing a Masters degree at Pitt...

The English Department is on the fifth floor, but closed for the day.
The nation-rooms are locked too. You'll have to come back.
Darn, you think, I'd hate to spend more time in here...

Somehow is it already past five.
You meander over to Squirrel Hill and fall in love.
You could live here. Forever.

There's a Tea Shop. And a bead shop. And a Ten Thousand Villages!
And a surprise.

You wonder why Ky's acting all weird and then she tells you that someone is meeting you both for birthday dinner.
For a split second your mind flits to the most improbable person it could be.
Yeah right! THAT WOULD BE SWEET! (Happy birthday to ME!) But also surreal on a completely new level which frankly would weird you out and you don't want anything weirding you out and ruining this idylic day.
You're pretty sure you know who it really is...

The other birthday girl!
Apparently, you were so worked up about coming to town that you forgot that Lauren had said she was coming home from Cleveland on Wednesday night. You feel like an idiot. If you'd known, you would have brought her birthday present with you! Instead you are stuck opening more presents you feel like you can't possibly deserve... (but you love them to death anyways!)

Notice a pattern here?
Yeeeaaahhhh... apparently everyone thinks you should move to the Burgh.
You can't help but agree. All in time, all in time.
Grad school seems like a really good idea now. Gotta love student visas.

You have burgers and cake for dinner. So far you haven't had ANYTHING healthy to eat or drink today.
WOOHOO!!! (Only you stomach kind of hates you. It wants an apple or something, preferably something with some a vitamin or mineral or something of remote nutritional value...)

Then, Ky and Lauren decide you need to really see the city.
So you all drive up Mount Washington and you have a feeling this is going to be sort of like seeing Vancouver from Burnaby Mountain. Only way, WAY better.

And you're right.
If you didn't already want to move to Pittsburgh, this would do it.
You want to go to bed with this view of the city.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Pretty sure this was actually the best birthday ever.
Didn't do a ton, really. Mostly got to mosey around a city I love and hang out with two of the coolest girls on the planet. And that was only the first day of this gong-show weekend.

There were still four more days of madness yet to be had!

to be continued...


Val said...

I am lovin' the coles notes version of your trip!

Lauren said...

The man (hockey player) I eventually marry will just have to accept that Pittsburgh will always be my first true love. I don't think other people seem to have such an unnatural obsession with their city like I do, but I can't help it - I just <3 Pittsburgh.

Jessclub7 said...

It's shiraz o'clock for me now!

You just knew that I would comment on that pic! I think my blood type may be wine.

I am anticpating cake pictures. Because I loves me some cake.

mer said...

@ jess - there will be cake. oh, will there EVER be cake...

Susan said...

Cake is not nutritious? You have never had my cake! You got your eggs, milk, chocolate, all the food groups!

mer said...

you forgot wine. (mind you we had that too, just not WITH the cake :P)