Tuesday, 26 May 2009

SCF CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I speak for everyone when I say...
Hello Stanley darling,
We'll see you soon.

So, back, oh, about 32 days ago, I wished Kris Letang Bonne Fete! and postulated what he might want for his birthday...

In the end, that last part about making idiot bets with the universe, became me calling about a dozen goals in the last 11 games. I am in mild shock tonight. The Pens just SWEPT a team in the Conference Final. WTF? This is why it's the WTFCF. Nutso City. Handshake City.

It's Stanley Cup Final time.

We might have just hallucinated this.

I get to pour my heart into the Stanley Cup final for a third year running. Two heartbreaks. Maybe third time's the charm?
Dear Kristopher Letang,
Can you do me a favour and win me this one? I've been waiting for it forever. So have you. I want happy tears this year when the Cup is raised. Someday, I want to be able to able to tell you about how hard I cried watching you drink champagne out of the Cup.
l'amour fou,
This is the year. GO PENS!!!


ali said...

In February I didn't believe this day would come. I'm pretty sure I just wanted them to squeak into the playoffs in the 8 seed... they just needed to make the playoffs.


Dear Penguins -- I believe you can do this winning the cup thing. You can do it -- You have to do it. Love, Alexis

Lauren said...

I think I might still be in shock.

@Ali: I'm right there with you - things were looking pretty desolate for a while there.

Siddo was so hungry for the cup in his interviews last night it isn't even funny. I have a feeling he's going to bulldoze through anyone who gets in his way this year.

Dear Stanley,
I really think you will like living in Pittsburgh. It's beautiful and we have a really great hockey team and get this, we have not one but three rivers. How cool is that? So what do you think? Want to come home for a while?
Love, Lauren

Val said...

I don't know which I like better, the post or the comments...okay, I like them both...rock on, pens!