Thursday, 28 May 2009

Seen In and Around Vancouver

It really is a little spectacular, isn't it?

The view from the third lookout on the Diez Vistas trail at Buntzen Lake in Port Coquitlam, BC. The trail head is about a 15 minute drive from my front door.

Every so often, I take a look around and wonder why I would ever want to leave this place? The past few weeks, I've been out and about looking for jobs, which is probably the most frustrating thing in the universe. The only upside is that I've been doing a lot of it on foot, and at a slower pace you notice things.

Things like this.
I love this building. It's at the corner of Hastings & Gilmore (I think?) and it just makes me smile SO hard. I love when buildings are painted with murals. I think it's the most incredible way to liven up an otherwise-nondescript edifice. Like this place in DC.


I've seen this in Calgary too, but I love seeing stuff like this anywhere.

RANDOM children's play car!!!
SO much cooler than a Jeep or a Barbie car!

There are somethings you'll only ever see in Canada, and possibly only in Vancouver.
Sweet 16.
We love you Captain Canuck.

And then there are silly things that make me giggle like a loon, because my country is simply...
This candy machine is in the coffee show where I used to work at SFU.

Plus, the reason I've stayed for so long? The reason why I live in Burnaby (breaking my long-standing anti-suburb stance)? That would be the fact that places like this are about a fifteen minute drive from my place. There is NO indication that you are anywhere remotely near civilization on this beach, except for the rukus-causing teenagers and the hibachis everyone's grilling their steaks on. It's a little piece of heaven on earth.

C. versus the goose. It wanted more of her Dill Pickle Rice Cakes.

And then there are just some things that make me go 'GAH!'
Honestly, this does NO justice to the sensation of driving home
through a canopy of dying sunshine in a temperate rain forest.


Kylie said...

Canada has candy hockey pucks in their gumball machines.

THAT'S why I'm buying a Team Canada jersey for the Games.

mer said...

Okay. When you put it *that* way I kind of understand :P

ali said...

Wow. That first picture is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Candy hockey pucks? That's just plain awesome.

lauren said...

I think you just convinced me to add Vancouver to my list of places that I want to visit. =P