Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Because, apparently, the universe thought today COULD get more stressful



I DON'T understand... WTF???

must you forsake me thus?

I have to stop. Fer serious.

From a post on February 20th: Scenario #1. Ottawa's front office trades someone to Calgary for Dion Phaneuf. (BAHAHAHAHA!!!) Her Royal Puckness Elisha Cuthbert completes the trifecta of blonde bunnies chilling rink-side at Scotiabank Place like it's the new Playboy Mansion... Oh, and the Sens get a rocking defenceman who might actually score a few goals or something...

*Mer pauses to revel in a momentary lapse in reality wherein the Sens front office makes even one marginally logical decision and Ottawa has some semblance of a defensive strategy... sigh*

For the record? I know how insane this must seem. And how insane I must seem for thinking that what I write has any bearing on reality. Explain it though. Please.


Jessclub7 said...

Dear Mer,

Could you please predict that I will win the lottery?

Or stumble across my own body weight in delicious cake?

Or inherit a vineyard?

Thanks in advance,
Jess xoxo

Val said...

@Jess - the second one would be my choice!

@Mer - predictions are a scary thing, especially when they are right...you've got the gift, two words for you, Vegas baby :)