Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Do or Die. Again.

My dearest Pittsburgh Penguins,
It's do or die tonight. Again.
We lose tonight, we lose the Cup. Again.
We watch them raise it in our house. Again.

Which is why it won't happen.
I know this because I can see it in your eyes. It's a little shakey, but it's there. That resolve. That dream. That fear that it won't come true.

You can dream about anything you like, but in every person's life there comes a day when you have to decide how much you want that dream, how much you need that dream to come true. For some of you, that day is today. Dreams are wonderful inspiration, but nothing drives you to avoid failure like real, tangible fear that failure may actually occur. Keep your dreams close, but keep your fears closer.

There's something to be said for fear. For being in a do or die situation. Fear is powerful; I think we underestimate its power, its potential. We assume that fear is an innately negative thing. It doesn't have to be. It's powerful, but it doesn't have to be debilitating. Like any kind of energy, any emotion, you just need to know how to harness it. Any emotion can be transformed into a temporary superpower. Fear is no different. Fear that you will lose. Fear that this is it. Fear that you won't get another chance to win. It's different from desire; desire is not laced with desperation and reckless abandon. Desire doesn't produce NEED. Desire can't be need. But fear can become need. Fear, the right kind of fear, breeds need.

The Stanley Cup is yours, but you can't just want it -Detroit wants it too- you have to need it. You have to fear not getting it. Let yourselves need this. Let yourselves fear not getting this. Turn that fear into something powerful.

Go out and make them pay, make them quake in their skates. Go out and show them what you're made of, what you're really made of. Go out and push game 7; if Washington did it, so can you. Go out and win, even if it means prolonging this hell for another three days. What's three more days of hell, for a lifetime of heavenly memories?

Life is short. You may have another shot, but there's a slim chance you never will. Slim, but real. Accidents happen. Ligaments get torn. Players get put on waivers.

There may never be another Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. There may never be another third period of an elimination game. There may never be another crucial power-play. There may never be another last shift of the game. There may never be another shot. There may never be another chance to make sure you never have to say "I never won the Cup."

Don't waste this.

ever yours,

p.s. If you have a chance, baby, score me one!


Val said...

I think we all need this...

Clare said...

Have you assigned goal scoring responsibilities for tonight?

ali said...

This is a pretty epic post.

The boys can do this thing! I'm so ready for this!!!


25superstar said...

dammit, mer. that was unreal. i'm, like, teary-eyed. NO WAY ARE WE LOSING!!!!