Friday, 5 June 2009


Flashback to 12 hours ago... with afterthoughts in red.

A win tonight, makes everything and I mean EVERYTHING possible. AND HOW!!!

So, here's what what needs to happen. Someone (I'm looking at you Brooksie) needs to deal with Zetterberg for like 30 seconds, so Sidney Crosby can score. No clue if Brooks came through, but SOMEONE dealt with Z, because Crosby scored. Thank you, Captain Fabulous! Geno needs to just keep doing what he's been doing. First period. Opens scoring. Booyeah for Mama Malkin's borscht! Geno, this is why your shirt was the first item of Pens gear I ever bought. Same with Staal and TK. They are SO over due for some sweet goals off the rebound. Or on the PK. Whatever. I'm not too picky. Wait, did I just call every single Penguins goal in this whole effing game?

Omigod, I did. The scariest thing is that what I called above is ALL I called. Well, that and Kris Letang continuing to play amazing defence and trying to convince Hal Gill to do the same. I have no clue if he did, since I missed all but the last nine minutes of the game, but, for the sake of argument, I'm going to assume he did.

I need to get some air... I need to remember to breathe for the rest of playoffs...

Also, anyone willing to bet against me being able to call something as nuts as the goal that wins the Pens the Stanley Cup? Because, I think I'm going to try... I'm willing to negotiate terms...

Oh, and to my lovely Quebec Boys? Max, even though you didn't score tonight, you are still a superstar! Lovelovelove. And Kris... what can I say? Keep it coming baby, keep it coming. I'd stop writing you boys these silly notes, except that every time I do, you do as I ask, so I have absolutely no incentive to stop until you boys are kissing a giant silver mug and I'm dissolving in a tsunami of ecstatic tears (in all likelihood, at work).


Susan said...

You are starting to scare me, in a good way.
All I can say about the game last night is: WOW!!! And, WHOO HOO!!!

mer said...

Susan, I'm freakin' myself out.

Val said...

Wow, I don't know what to think about your superb prophetic skills, other than keep 'em coming, and don't even think of stopping those notes to Kris Letang...we like them as much as him :)

MizzMalkin said...


Holy, shit, you're un-fucking-believable.

So, TK and Staalsy listen too.
You should write to them more often =)


mer said...

@mizzmalkin - I scare me too. But not enough not to try calling a Stanley Cup game winner. If I succeed though, I think my head might explode.