Monday, 22 June 2009

Sidney Crosby Came To My Birthday Party

You think I'm lying? I have the pictures to prove it...

The City of Pittsburgh knows how much I love it, so the ever lovely Mayor Luke Ravenstahl threw me a parade for my birthday. Lukey also knows how much I love the Pens, so he invited them, too. Isn't he sweet?!

It already would have been the best birthday ever if only Sid had shown up, but he's a sweetheart and brought along Marc-Andre Fleury and Lord Stanley himself. What a man!

Word got around the locker room about my birthday party, so the other boys decided to show up.

JStaal, I don't care how tall you are, if you have an amazing jaw line, how blue your eyes are, or whether or not you are one hell of a defensive forward, I am not giving you alcohol. You are still underage, sir.

Lord Stanley told his royal friend folk about my soiree, so I had even more dignitaries in attendance.

I think someone told Krisptopher that he turns us all to mush, because he came to my party ready to dance.

Le Swooon, are you trying to reach favorite status with those shorts and your killer dance moves? Well, it's working. I hope you're proud of yourself.

Mark Eaton also wants to be known as American Hero, so he made me a birthday video. Such a sweetheart.

Max and Billy were so excited to be invited to my birthday party, they couldn't help themselves. They just had to hug it out.

So much man-love, so little time.

The American Hero was spending the rest of the afternoon with his lovely wife and children, so he couldn't join us for further festivities. Instead, he sent cake....

So, my 26th was pretty much the best birthday I've ever had. Thank you, Pittsburgh. Thank you, Pens. Thank you, Lauren & Ali.


mer said...


Val said...

I am so glad that the city of Pittsburgh realizes how special you truly that you got a parade on your birthday!

Susan said...

What a great birthday! And, I hope you have another parade featuring Sid and Stanley and the boys on your birthday next year, too!

25superstar said...

LIAR you so would give Jordie alcohol! :]

Mark Eaton is MY American Hero, tho, of course i love Scuds, too :]

ali said...

I wish it was possible for a Stanley Cup to be awarded on my birthday.

I can't think of another way I would have wanted to spend my Monday.

Lauren said...

I think there is only one other Monday that ranks so high on my list of perfectly awesome Mondays

Normally people would be annoyed by it, but I actually love my Stanley-Cup-Victory-Parade sunburn because I get to remember such a fun day :)