Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Summer Feature

The off-season is the worst season, so here at Peachy, we've decided to help the summer go by a little faster. We'll be counting down the days until the NHL season opens the only way insane hockey lovers can. We will be profiling our favorite boys until the puck drops on October 2, 2009.

We're going to begin with 99 days until the season starts with The Great One himself, Wayne Gretzky. After that, we'll be doing all the obvious ones - the Pens, our favorite Hawks, Sens, Jackets, Flames, as well as our other favorites from around the League and the AHL, as well a few exceptional junior boys who we (mostly Mer) believe you SHOULD know about.

If you have an affinity for a diamond in that rough that we may not have thought of, please leave his or her name in the comments section.

It's going to be tough, but we'll get through the off-season together.


ali said...

I am thoroughly excited about this upcoming summer feature.


25superstar said...

if you need anymore boys, let me know. i will surprise and amaze you with my random hockey boys (diamonds in the rough, as you say)

Kylie said...

@25superstar - We love suggestions and have 99 days to cover, so, go to town!

Val said...

I love how women come together for a common interest, and what an awesome common interest it is...can't wait to see what the gsgs come up with for this feature.

Lauren said...

Can I put in a request for my favorite Junior boys? They were actually both just drafted so now I need to pick new favorites, so I'm open to suggestions.

Ryan O'Reilly is the newest member of the Colorado Avalanche organization (which means, if he's not still playing in Erie next year, he might be in Cleveland!) and Jaroslav Janus is the newest netminder for the Tampa Bay Lightning - oy.