Wednesday, 3 June 2009

When Stupid People Say Even Stupider Shit...

You know what we love?
We love people who miss the point.

Puck Huffers is hilarious. They sound high half the time, but we love them for their cutting witticisms and their attack on Chris Osgood's black hole of a belly, and the fact that they suspect (as we might) that Max Talbot is a Blingee in the sunshine in the manner of Robert Pattison in Twilight. Only hotter. And with clutch-goal-scoring. And without the shitty one-liners (okay, he's totally got those down, but coming from him they're charming). Also, they invented the best drinking game known to man-kind.

So when they write shit like this, we just laugh and laugh and laugh. And post absurd comments about Hint of Lime Tostitos and Kris Letang's sexhair. Because really, we love their game reviews, but we don't need them AS WE WERE WATCHING THE GAME. They are mostly just an entertaining way to relive a good game or to spur on our hatred of the Red Wings. (As if that needed help...) It's pure, unadulterated, entertainment.

But some people clearly were not well-schooled in the art of irony or sarcasm. They think PH take themselves seriously. Um. BAHAHAHA! WTF? LOL! ROTFL! Yeah. Some people are idiots. We'd feel sorry for them for being idiots, except that they seem to actually take themselves seriously, which is mildly unforgivable. Hello? This is the internet. You checked your credibility at the modem, remember?

Rebuttals are fine. I wrote one a few days ago, refuting Puck Daddy's assertions of why Detroit is going to win the Cup. But I actually had a point; a COUNTER-ARGUEMENT, no less.

I wish I could be a bigger person. I wish I had better things to do (I fully don't) than to reply to some idiot on the internet. Mostly, I couldn't help myself, because they made an error so heinous that a six year-old with basic hockey history education could point it out. Close to the end of their diatribe, they claim that, and I quote, "
the Wings have had a dynasty almost every decade since creation."

Sometimes we feel sorry for stupid people, because they don't know how dumb they are. Most of the time we just ignore stuff. But then, every so often, there is some stupid person who just annoys us.
Some people need to know how dumb they are. They think they're all smart and shit; the record needs to be set straight. Today, I don't mind doing it.

Um, the Wings have had a dynasty every decade since creation, eh? Wow! That's like something I never knew! But I supposed you're totally right, because, like, in the 20s... oh wait that was the ORIGINAL Ottawa Senators. Okay but there was still the 30s... well, for two years anyhow. But DEFINITELY the forti- wait, sorry that was the Leafs that won consecutive Cups? ... my bad. Well, okay, but in the fifties, Detroit totally won four Cups in six years (50-55)! Wow, that's really something! Kinda like how Toronto won four cups in six years between 45 and 51? Or like how the Habs won for five straight years (56-60) and another 10 cups between 64 and 79, including those four, pesky consecutive Cup between 76 and 79... Riiiiiiight. That was not effing dynasty honey, that's Original Six. And wait... did they win a Cup between that one in 1955 and the one in 1996? . . . wait, they didn't? Oops! That's like FOUR decades, right?

Don't talk about shit you don't know anything about, and don't write a rebuttal to something unless you can completely annihilate their point (which, P.S., you missed anyhow) , it only makes you look like a total dumbass.


I'm done now.

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lauren said...

Wow, some people are really dumb.

If it makes you feel any better, I've run into some Pens fans that informed me that the Pens have dominated the East for the last 20 years... apparently they had never heard of the Pens pre-Crosby. Some bandwagon fans are just stupid.