Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dear Future Husband

You better be the type of guy who can do this and love it.

Because this is the kind of wedding I want.
Screw traditional. Screw girly.
Screw the fairytale princess B.S.
I want a gong show wedding, complete with a fabulous dancing wedding party.
Prepare your groomsmen...


Jess said...

Greetings from Joburg!

My finest wedding hour, without a doubt, was when I was a bridesmaid, got horrifically and catastrophically drunk, grabbed the microphone during the reception and announced to the assembled 250 guests that I would "make to like a speech".

It was a good 20 minutes before the microphone was wrestled away by the father of the bride.

I haven't been asked to be a bridesmaid since.

You do the math.

Val said...

@Jess - now that is a fine wedding hour story, and I would be glad to not be asked to be a bridesmaid :)

@Mer - saw this video two days ago when my girl found it, love it, and yeah, you go for it at your wedding, and don't marry anybody who doesn't think that doing that is the bomb!

Kylie said...

If our future husbands are reading this, I hope they they know this post is from Mer and not Kylie. Just so we're clear on that...

I don't want my future husband getting the wrong idea. We are doing traditional.

mer said...

@Kylie - You can do 100% traditional. And I will think it is beautiful and lovely and I'll be poised and all that junk. For you.

For me, however, we are having a massive party. And when I party, I dance, so we're going to start the party doing just that! :P