Thursday, 23 July 2009

Evgeni Malkin Days

My dearest, favouritest Russian,
Thank you for taking your rightful place in Valhalla with the other hockey deities. The third round of the playoffs... that was something else. That was what dreams and blingee are made of. I am proud to be able to say that the first piece of NHL apparel I ever purchased was your t-shirt that seems to be lucky since you make incredible plays (either amazing goals or cruicial assists to 3OT game-winners) whenever I wear it. I think I should wear it more often this coming season...

Please have a relaxing summer, have a lovely birthday, have a ball with the Cup in Magnitogorsk, and make sure you keep eating Mama Malkin's borscht so you can come back to the Burgh ready to have a career season next year.

Mer and (most of) the Gong Show Girls

Late Edit

Special thanks to 25superstar for sending us this awesome photo of Mr. Conn Smythe himself. Yes, she took it. She's just that BAMF.


Val said...

I am sure he appreciates this letter almost as much as I do :) Thanks for writing it to him and it saves me postage!

lauren said...

I have to admit it, I like Malkin. Well, like is maybe a strong word... respect? Because seriously, he's amazing. Plus he's adorable. =]

25superstar said...

Geno was my first hockey love.

i have so much Geno merch, it's kinda embarrassing. lol.

<3 you, babes!

mer said...

@Deets - You 'like' Malkin the way I 'like' Lidstrom. It's a begrudging 'like' borne of respect that would likely become something just short of worship if he played for a team I actually liked.