Thursday, 30 July 2009

Here is something beautiful; smash it to bits.

I shouldn't post this, but I am going to, because it would be incredibly out of character for me not to.

This will be my last peachy post. Someone told me today to grow up. She told me a whole lot of other things too, things that, for the most part, made me want to tell her to get bent, but she was right about me needing to 'grow up'. Although 'grow up' might be the wrong words for someone who's buried both a parent and a sibling, and has been on her own for the better part of a decade. 'Move on' may have been a more appropriate thing to say.

So I will.

I'm done.


Susan said...

Say it ain't so, Mer! I love "Peachy", for so many reasons. First, our shared love of hockey and your well-thought musings on it. Second, your other discussions on books and politics and so many other things.
If you decide to go ahead and end this blog, I will be very sad. :(

Jess said...


Growing up sucks.

Val said...

@Susan - ditto!

@Jess - "Wow" is right.

Mer, "Peachy" is one of the best blogs ever, so I hope you will rethink your decision, but if not, okay...

Roxy said...

Please don't.
I've lost so many people in my life, and I know how it feels to have someone say 'Move on' or 'Grow up'

But that's when I have to say fuck 'em. And I think you may have to as well.

This blog is everything to me, and I only read it. I can't even imagine how much it means to you.

Lauren said...

I don't like the idea of never waking up to another post like this:

or this:


Meredith said...

i like your blog. keep writing it as long as you enjoy doing so.