Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Moment You Knew We Were Going to Win the Stanley Cup

At least, the moment MER knew the Pens were going to win the Cup...

Still not over this... sorry ;)


Kylie said...

I'm not sure what I was most excited about; the fact that we had won or the fact that the moment I saw you, I'd get to tell you that Kristopher scored the game winner.

When that puck went in, my arms shot up and all I could think about was how happy you'd be.

25superstar said...

that was a beautiful goal.
uh, i definately shed a few tears.
and my dad looked at me and shook his head. i'm a disappointment to him. but i lovelovelove my Pens that much.

so. freaking. happy.

Val said...

I remember looking at my boy when Letang got that goal and our arms went up in the air with a big yell!! I don't know as if any of us ever have to get over that moment!